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BB's, Beef Ribs, Fajitas and beans QVIEW

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I didn't know which category would be most appropriate for this qview so beef it is. My wife and I had a craving for some smoked ribs (BB's/Beef) or fajita tacos. We couldn't decide so I made a little of all 3 plus beans. I put the beef ribs and the fajitas in a ziplock with my marinade and let 'em sit in the fridge for about 3 hours flipping them every :30 or so. I gave the BB's a dose of my basic coarse rub. The beans were just pintos with a kick.

Everything was smoked from beginning to end - no foil and no oven. For this particular smoke I went with mostly charcoal with a bit of lump mixed in.

Here's what I had to work with...

Here's my happy smoker...

A couple of BB's after almost 5 hrs of smoke...

Here's a couple of shots of the beefies....

Careful, don't poke your eye out, hehehe...

Sorry I didn't get any pics of the fajitas or beans. The fajitas were very tender and, combined with some warm flour tortillas from the smoker, made for some awesome tacos. The BB's came out extremely tender and had a smoke ring that went all the way through. The beef ribs were the last to come off the smoker and smelled phenomenal. Fortunately, those are for lunch today biggrin.gif

Thanks for stopping in,

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Nice smoke ring on the BB's, nice pull back on the Beefies, good looking cold one on the counter, and excellent photos! points.gif

BBQ Eng.
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All around great smoke...loved the pics...beefies rock!!
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Looks fantastic! I think I can almost taste those beef ribs. Mmmmm...icon_cool.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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MMMM, beef ribs. biggrin.gif They're my favorite. Everything looks really good.
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Thanks for the kind words. BBQ Engineer and Gene, thanks for the generosity!

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Crap! Its only Friday and I cant smoke this weekend. That looks so very very good!
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Everything looks great. Still waiting for smell-a-vision.biggrin.gif
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Nice job Tanker. Looks great.
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