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Dudes Pickled Sausage w/q-view

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After seeing Steve's (Walking Dude) pickled sausage thread here last week, I knew I had to make this. Talk about easy to make. The longest part of the whole thing was boiling the water. I used the lit'l smokies sausage, anaheim and yellow bell peppers, and green and regular onions.


chopped up

I only used food coloring in 1 jar. Had to go with blue. The ingredients amounts were the pretty much the same as Steve's. 1 c water, 3 c apple cider vinegar, 3/4 c brown sugar, 1 tbs pickling spice and 1 tsp red pepper flakes. Not a big fan of boiling vinegar smell. Neither is the wife. Reminded her of coloring Easter eggs. I know it will be worth it in the end.

I'll let you know in a couple days or so how it turns out.
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Looks good, Mark.......cept for the food coloring....LOL

might wind up with some green weenies.......eek.gifbiggrin.gif

will be watching for the results.

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Looks good Mark! Them pickled sausages be mighty fine with a nice cool one, just member ta keep a window open!
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Can't wait to see how they turn out for you Mark! Sure look tasty.cool.gif
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Eric, the blue was all we had, so just put it in 1 jar. The bells probably will turn green.

A cool one, or 2. Think your right Tip, the windows will be open!

Thanks Jeanie. I hope they do come out tasty.
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Mark keep us posted them sure look gooooooooooooooooooooood.cept the green ones
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I'll let ya know in a couple days.
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those jars look purty!!! be waitin to see how you say they taste. very interesting!!!
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i still have my quart jar from last weekend yet to open...............looking good mark!
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Looking real good. I kinda like that vinegar smell, because it reminds of coloring eggs. One of them childhood memory things. Keep us informed.
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3 days have gone by. Just got home from work and decided to open up a jar. Talk about good stuff!! The only thing I would change next time is to use 1 tbs of pepper flakes instead of a tsp. This WILL be made again as soon as these jars are gone.

ready to eat
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mark, thats why in my recipe, i mentioned i upped to one tblsp.

i still have a quart jar NOT opened. will be opened this weekend, be two weeks fermenting biggrin.gif .............next time tho.......ALL sausage, NO hot dogs........not enuff texture. To me, the emulsified sausages won't do good in this recipe...........
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whoops.........just scrolled back on this thread........guess i already said this.....lololol

all them barley pops made me forget..............LOLOLeek.gif
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Could be a sign of old age. I think the next batch 1 jar will be just veggies. Those were very very good. Might try some other kinds of sausage too. The lit'l smokies were good though.
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VEGGIE..............VEGGIES! ! ! ! !! .........thought this was a MEAT site........geez..........

ya teach em, and you teach em...........and all they do is eat the books!
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And what were those things in your jars?.........That's what I thought. I'd kinda like to have more then a couple bites of veggies with my meal. So, a WHOLE JAR of veggies it will be to go with the pp sammies.
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like bb's in a jar of eggs............they filled the spaces...............LOLOL
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I smoked it @ 225 for 2 1/2 hrs. Internal temp was 155. Wasn't bad. Chapter 3 was the best.

Well , lets just say I'm gonna fill the spaces with a few more veggies. Need to get some more peppers 1st.
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Just wondering....

I got a Food Saver Jar Sealer assessory yesterday and tried it out on a couple of empty jars with a used lid. It worked really well to seal the lid. Seems like this would be really handy for pickled foods where you don't have to heat can them???? You can always add a ring if you open a jar and don't empty it.
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jerry, there is NO need to water bath these..........if you use a HOT clean jar, (I placed my in boiling hot water for a few minutes), take the jar outta the water, stuff it with the meat and veggies, then pour the hot vinegar liquid over the meat to within a 1/2inch of the top, place the lid with ring on it, tighten, the jars will seal themselves. No need to pressure canning, or water bathing them. I like this method, cause i know everything is fully sterilized, with hardly any chance of spoilage occuring.
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