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First Whole Turkey w/Qview

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Brined the turkey for bout 22 hours in Tip's brine recipe. Rinsed well then Injected more of Tip's injection recipe this morning then a light rub and onto the smoker at 340* gonna try to get some crispy skin. Just basted for the first time a few minutes ago

Look that turkey has onions and peppers in him

More to follow I hope biggrin.gif
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Lookin good jerry, gee's talk about pressure! I hope he comes out good fer ya! Keep us posted, lookin fine so far!
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Ok did the second basting and flipped the bird

Also got the taters ready and put them on gonna be twice baked ones

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piney, thats kinda the way i do my beer can chickens with the rub. i don think you will have a prob with it getting crispy with the sugar from the rub. looks good. lookin forward to more pix when done.
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Jerry, good luck on the skin! I really want to get back into poultry as the warmer days are comin and for me that means warmer smoker. I have tried and failed indirect on the bird. The meat turns out real good and moist but I continue to throw out the skin with all my rub on iticon_evil.gif. Please keep us posted! ya got my bird juices flowin again.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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onions and peppers

Jerry, that's an awesome looking bird, you're going to enjoy the flavor of Tip's brine/injection. It's become a staple in my brine book biggrin.gif . Love the pics of the bird stuffed with the peppers and onions, nice twist. Looking forward to more pics as this thing gets closer to eatin' time. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Yeah! Looking great so far!!
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Ok heres the finish

I got none of it sliced the vultures were consuming it as fast as I could slice but the skin was decent and the bird was juicy. Wanted to get one of the peppers and onions but they disappeared. Now on to the taters

Ready to go back on smoker

And ready to eat after second time on smoker

Thanks Tip brine and injection recipes were great
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Jerry - youve had two great smokes this weekend, major props to ya and glad you're back home to have that smoker chuggin'. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Those twiced baked taters make me drool!
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Laurel you gotta try the twice smoked taters they are great. Tip's brine and injection recipe have definitely become a standard for me.
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Mighty fine vittles jerry, mighty fine indeed! That is excellent work, glad the brine an injection worked out fer ya! Jeez, yall makin me hungry!
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fine, very fine lookin piney, i gonna have to do them taters
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Great looking bird.. Makes me want to smoke one now..
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Seaham I recomend it they are great
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Dang thats a good looking bird Jerry-just might have to play with some poultry after seeing your smoke.wheels are spinning.
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