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Hey Charlie on the left of forums there is a link that is titled ribs 3-2-1 or somthing like that. Prob be easier to read it. :) Here is the link for it
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Thanks aussiemick!
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No probs Charlied. I recently did ribs and used the 3-2-2 method and they were great
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I just got my first smoker and am trying to find out as much as I can. I have smoked ribs before but not by this method. I can't wait!! Thanks again.
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Being that I now keep Kosher, I only eat Beef Ribs (although I am looking for Kosher Bison Ribs...mmmm) no more pork.

I do know a bit about ribs, but I will admit first that I have cheated and often done the *GASP* par-boil method in a speed pinch...that was before I owned a full blown smoker... (used my Weber Genesis and a smoke comparison to my cheap Char Broil tiny offset...) I was good at indirect slow-and-low grilling on the Weber but nothing beats smoke...

The key to beef ribs and 3-2-1 vs. 2-2-1 is the type of ribs you are using.

If they are separated short ribs--definitely in my experience, 2-2-1. If they are a rack (for kosher reasons only the front ribs are used and are a maximum of 5 per rack) then the longer 3-2-1 makes more sense. Just being thicker meat and thicker bones it takes longer to cook.

The hoison idea is great and I'm going to try it along with sweet & sour sauce. I'm a bit partial to a new South African rub (my wife is originally from Jo'berg) but I do like to finish them with bone-sucking sauce amongst others...

I thought it was funny you were using Soy-Vey brand; we use it because it is kosher and damn good. They make an "Island Teryiaki" and "Wasabi-yaki" that we use on fish and other meat. I recommend any of their products.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Good smoking....maybe it's time for a run to the butcher...

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Its funny, a local chinese restaurant has served spare ribs cooked in hoisin sauce for years and I always liked them. But, I never put two and two together and do it myself and use beef ribs!!!

Well, now I got a menu for the weekend. Was kind of eyeing the brisket in the freezer but that might have to wait.
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ya this post had me going. I went and picked up some beef ribs and hoisin for today. I've got the hoisin sauce on them now. I'll send pixs.
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I still don't think beefies, be it singles or racks need a full 3-2-1, basically think steak again. How do you like your steak cooked? I go for med-rare. I have taken racks and separated them though and done my pan method and they come out great. For anyone doing 3-2-1 the first time, remember it is a guideline and you may re-adjust it depending on your taste. Some find 3-2-1 is over cooking the ribs, so they cut back on the second stage some. I prefer the fall off the bone as my wife does, so we adjust 3-2 1/2- 1/2 for our pork ribs. I rarely will wrap beef ribs. The only time I do is if they are racks.
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