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my Memorial Day brisket

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Here is the brisket I smoked today for lunch tomorrow. It was a 10-lb packer. I smoked it with mesquite and a bit of pecan. Here is the pics- whole, flat sliced, the point chopped, and one of Jenniffer chopping the point. I also did a fatty, but it didn't make the appointment to the photo shoot. Tomorrow I am doing a batch of wicked baked beans.
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good looking eats there chris. i just took off a 17# . it finished at least 6 hrs early so it's in the cooler.

just getting ready to put on a sh*t load of ribs
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Nice Chris! Enjoy the food!
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Looka good smoke there Chris.
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Great looking smoke Chris.
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Tasty Looking brisket.
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Nice looking brisket, Dutch's beans will go perfect with it! Enjoy the weekend Chris.
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Looks like a successful smoke, Chris. Nice work!
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Great looking grub.............Good work.............
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chris ...great job...looks really good..and i agree wicked beans would be good with that brisket
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Well, I just got done eating my first Q' since getting the new choppers. Wasn't too bad, but I think I will stay with pulled/chopped portions. I have always preferred that over sliced anyway. The beans were good as always too. I guess I will start having to make a double batch of them- there is never enough left overs.
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It looks great.
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Looked rather tasty.
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Chris, That sure looked good. I am sure that it was enjoyed by all.
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Super job chris! Just did a LB and made my first batch of Dutch's beans to go with em! Awesome!!
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