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Spare Ribs - Has this happened to you?

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I did a rack of spare ribs on the smoker yesterday (I did get some pictures and will post when I have a chance to resize them) but, when I went to remove the membrane I only found a piece about 1/2 the size of a dollar bill. I spent another 10 minutes trying to locate the rest of it but could not fine it so I went ahead and cooked it. The ribs turned out great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif so I am guessing that most of the membrane had already been removed. That just seemed really odd to me.
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i agree fooz...........does seem strange........but what the heck......go with it..........

where did you get your spares.........and was you able to get a full rack.......my hy-vee down the block always carried some crap called bob evans style of spares.........cut up into 5-6 bone peices........and they are CRAP...........cant find a full rack of spares to save my life
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Bought the spares at Fareway. That is where we buy 75% of our meat. love the full service meat counter. Yes we did get a fill rack actually bought 3 of them. Last week my wife picked up 3 boston butts at Hy-Vee. Now we need an extended warm spell to fix some of this meat or else we will have to buy another freezer.
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warm spell for what........i have been smoking all winter long..........one smoke i started at -7

tuffen up dude..........crap.......forgot.......you a cyclone fan.........figures.......BWHAHAHAHAH
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When I buy them from a store , I can find the membrane and peel it off. But I have found a BBQ joint close buy that will sell me uncooked spare ribs like they use , allready trimed St. Louis style , and I havent been able to find the membrane on those. I think its allredy been removed.
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I get my meat from Walmart here in Mesa. I don't remember buying any ribs and such from Walmart when we lived in Iowa because our local farmer supplied our meat "off the hoof" but I am buying Tyson pork and I am sure they have it at the super stores there in WDMPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif I have yet to buy a bad piece of meat from them and I buy beef, chicken, turkey, and pork with the Tyson brand on it.

I read a report on Drudgerport.com today that said Tyson was going to raise their prices due to "whatever" so the 13 dollar for 5 pounds of pork spareribs is probably going awayPDT_Armataz_01_02.gif

stay safe troopers
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Get out and smoke! My first smoke was earlier this month at -13 when I put the butt on.

Be careful with those hy-vee butts. If you got the Hormel ones for .99 a pound? They are up to 12% solution so if you rub them go easy on the salt.
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