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canned chanterelle mushrooms

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hello everyone

i picked some wild chanterelle mushrooms and canned them they taste great sauteed in butter and garlic on your favorite steak here is a pic


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Yumm good 'shrooms. You get the hen of the woods and oysters out there?
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Those are really good lookin' rooms! The minute I saw that I was thinking "there's got to be a steak here somewhere"...
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yes we do have hen of the woods and oyster mushrooms as well as others there are so many here that are safe to eat i cant name them all the chanterelle is the most plentifull and easiest to find they are everywhere
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Hmm do they dehydrate well? I'd gladly fund a shipment if so! I know the oysters don't dunno bout the hens.
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i dont have a dehydrator so i cant tell ya i do see them in stores for sale they are dried out not sure if they are dried natural or by dehydrator i will ask around and see what i can do and get back to ya
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Tanks Huey!
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Mmmmmmmm looks great! I only know how to spot buttons so that's all I pick. You have to know what your doing with mushrooms!
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I picked some one time and thought I knew what EVERYBODY was doing! PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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I used to pick mushrooms in Oregon, many wild varieties and you could make money at it too. Chanterelles were everywhere in the coast range mountains. But I have to admit I spent more time picking Liberty caps (P. semilanceata) in the valley then anything else. Hay I was in high school, everyone did...
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Heh bingo.
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I have dehydrated morels and they were ok. I had a giant puffball growing in the back yard a few months ago. Was about the size of a honeydew melon and I was going to let it get a little bigger, well my wife had some of her friends over with their kids and they decided to crack it open to see what kind of bird was inside the giant egg!icon_eek.gif
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Arrggh! Those are real good too! I have a pict somewhere of my youngest one with one on her head...sooo cute!
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The hens and puff balls are good but nothing beats the mighty morels!! We go up to Oscoda Michigan every year in the spring and hunt shrooms and fish, nothing better than fresh fried fish and shrooms!!
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Unless it's a steak and morels. BUT..i always have a hard time deciding which is tastier.
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Never had luck finding Chantrelle's would love to learn more about finding them in Southwest Ohio I am a Morel man through and through. I just made my first post yesterday to get help with smoking nice to see pics of shrooms getting me excited thinking about April, by then I should have my Ribs perfected and a big Skillet of Yellows!!!!!
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Hey Baker, lots of good shrooming in Southern Ohio but threre is GREAT shrooming up in Michigan. Only problem is you have to get past that nasty place called Ann Arbor to get up there. biggrin.gif
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Nice chanterelles Salmonclubber, I wish I could find some around here.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I gather morels in the spring and dry them, they rehydrate pretty well.
I'd be one happy cowgirl if I could find chanterelles though. lol!

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Yes, Michigan is Morel Heaven. I have not had the fortune of making it up there yet to gather. However, I do pretty well around here from year to year enough to where if I thought I could learn to dehydrate them effectively (meaning they would taste good) I would try it. Ann Arbor can be a real ugly place.icon_razz.gif Could be uglier if things don't go well this weekend.
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naw be MUCH better! And morels dry like a champ. I have rehydrated them in water and a TOUCH <pinch in a couple quarts> of salt, and cannot really tell them from fresh.
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