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Sounds to me like you need to let the snook rest, and buy a bigger smoker!

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The snook got to rest last night while I playd with grouperand trout ;)
Briskets been on since 4am. the point is cooking fast already up to 145. Does that seem normal?
Picts coming, just need batteries!
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Not to worry ... the temp. will slow down usually in the upper 150sº (plateau) ... relax ... snap-a-cap! icon_biggrin.gif
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Information is DEAD on! It was said so it is happening. Having a bit of trouble generating heat today. I do not understand why though. Last few times I have had too much and today I am struggling to keep it around 200...
I am stiring the coals to get the ash to fall through and that seems to help a little...
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OK and on average what length of time at the plateau?
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3 hours at plateau seem ok? It has risen a few degrees after dropping but still just
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Vlap, a lot depends on the age of the cow critter. Older animals will have a longer plateau cause the meat is usually tougher will all the extra connective tissue. 3 hours sounds about right and the temp usually does drop a few degrees before it starts rising again. Oh a don't be alarmed if your brisket hits a second plateau, it's kind of rare but it does happen. I've had it happen twice in the last 6 brisket smokes. Just remember it's done when it's done!!

BTW how ya holding up? I see the 4 am start time so I'm thinking that you got a little sleep before starting things this morning.
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Fishing until 11pm and then reading doesn't help much either. So far I am keeping moving, enjoying a frosty hoppy beverage and watching the temp rise. Up to 156 now Its back on the rise.
Soon I have to set up some wicked baked beans and abt's.

Got some pictures to post then dump in the next chimney.
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Sorry I didn't get back sooner ... but what Dutch said is right on.

Sounds like you are on track friend ... enjoy! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The best explanation i can give for you is a heavenly mixture of meats and cheese nestled in between two pieces of orga**ic cuban bread. Too much info??? PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Vlap, You rock. Great pics BTW. Thanks for the cuban sam. recipe. I learned somthing on my last smoke (10 lb shoulder). The purists may disagree but after 8-10 hours in the smoke why not put in the oven and bake that puppy in foil? Somone chime in and set me straght. Will that meat soak any more smoke after that long? Just curious, anyhow lets see some pics on the finished product. Great looking do!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
P.S. Did you smoke it wrapped in foil the whole time?
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Lots of folks do just that ... save your charcoal and wood for what matters.
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Sounds almost as good as a muffaleta sammie!
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Justin, the meat will continue to absorb the smoke but it will no longer add to the smoke ring. Once it's wrapped in foil it no longer takes on smoke so I quit adding wood chunks to the fire. If Ma Dutch isn't using the oven for anything, I'll put the foil wrapped butt in the oven at the same temp that the smoker was at just to keep it "low and slow". If'n Ma's uning the oven I'll just leave it in the smoker.
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Might just be me but I don't like that Cowboy lump! I get better control with just plain charcoal. Seems to get hot quick and burn out quick.
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It is all I have used. So it should not be the problem. Can a temp drop make that big a difference?

Ok, Here are some more picts. Forgive me but no picts of the abt's. They are in my belly. Got a mixed veg thingy on the grill. Picts of that later.

Beans ready for the oven. Unfortunately my lil smoker was full of beef so the beans could not fit in there.

The point ready to wrap and hit the oven.

The flat a bit later ready to wrap and hit the oven.
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i agree with debi bout the cowboy lump.........but i even find that with the royal oak lump........in fact all the lump i have used............so i go with royal oak briquettes.........
but beside that

GREAT LOOKING FOOD DUDE.......real nice...........

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Hey Vlap I'll trade you some Prime Rib for some brisket and beans.
Great looking Q .
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Bud, I am willing to make a trade! Some prime rib sounds really good even though my belly is so stuffed that I am not sure if I can even take a bite of the brisket!
What we do not eat tonight is going to oneco meats tomorrow to be sliced.
Bud If you havent been to oneco to meet scott and patty (the owners) you need to do so. I have been going there for 15 years. Great people and fair prices. Really good lunch specials as well.
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You know it's really funny that you should mention Oneco meats cause thats where I got my prime rib from. Scott is a wonderful person and gave me a good deal. I would much rather do business with the mom and pop stores.

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