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Ham and Bacon

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Hello all,well the hams and bacons are in the cure.It has been a rough meat season here at the ranch as I have been working six tens for the last three weeks.I will start smoking hams as soon as I get off work Saturday night and smoke all night and then to late Sunday evening.This will be my first marathon smoke,Lord help me.The bacons will wait till the following weekend.Once again I will find myself smoking bacons on Christmas Eve.Seems like it always turns out that way with me.I cant wait to get started.We have worked up eight deer here so far with eight more days to go.I think this will be a record setting year for meat processing here.The deer haunches have been wrapped and frozen whole cause I just havnt had the time to finish them.After the first of the year Ill start on jerky,slim jims,and bolonga.Maybe I should stop working and just open a meat shop.David
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Re: Ham and Bacon

A very noble thought there Brother David. Been there, done that and I tell ya friend, it's a heck of a lot of work.
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