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Man v Food

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Hi all im new here ........was watching this show last night in Perth Oz , he dipped his steak in a whiskey sauce , would anyone know how to make that dark sauce or another good sauce recipe to dip the steak in prior to grilling ect ....thanks
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Welcome to SMF!


Are you talking about a marinade or a sauce like A-1?



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It was a sauce ..........whiskey ect ....he dipped it in a dark sauce .....looked amazing
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I can't help you, but Chef Jimmy J probably has a recipe for something like that.


If he doesn't see this, try PM'ing him.



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th_dunno-1[1].gif Was it thick sure it wasn't a marinade looks like it would burn on hot coal fire.

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I looked on Travel Channel and there is no Man vs Food outside the US listed. Adam R. had a couple other shows including Man Finds Food and Man vs Food Nation but I am not finding a Perth episode ...You are not clear if the Dipped steak was Before or After cooking...While marinades are common for grilled steak, dipping then grilling isn't. Most folks want a hard sear and any liquid on the outside before the sear inhibits the process. I am sure it is done it is just somewhat contrary to common practice. Best guess...A Dip of highly seasoned Melted Butter (75%+) with Whiskey, Garlic, Chile Powder, S & P, maybe some thick Worcestershire emulsified in would get you there with lots of smoke and flame. Any sweetener would burn. Any additional info or a link to a Video of the episode would be helpful...JJ

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