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First Summer Sausage Grind W/Qview

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My daughters and I ground up 17.8 of pork and beef for summer sausage today. It's seasoned and back in the fridge to chill for a while before we stuff. The younger one isn't much of a meat eater but her older sister has no problem. I'll get some pictures as we go.

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Like new 400 watt cabelas grinder I picked up on Craigslist for $50 with all the plates.
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I'm in for this one! It's get da getting the kids involved!
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About 17lbs,works out to 3.4 lbs per casing. Hanging on the porch for now.
Don't know if I'm going to knock the snow off of the offset or do them in the smoke vault 24.
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That looks great.    I'm looking forward to finished and sliced pictures.

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Thanks whistech. Decided on the smoke vault to do these. Lots of running back and forth to keep the temp down. Stable at 158° right now. I'm not willing to turn the flame down any lower. Pictures will be up when we slice
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Looking good so far,,, Im in and great job getting kids involved


A full smoker is a happy smoker - stay happy 



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1967RG, Great looking SS and great looking helpers also !

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Nice job with the SS!


Great getting the family involved!



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156°internal temperature. Into the snow
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Blooming sausages!
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Originally Posted by 1967RobG View Post

Blooming sausages!


This is how every kitchen should look!

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Looks like a success, and anticipating sliced photos and a review of the finished product! Nice!


What are you going to do with it once you're done? A 3+ lb chub is a big stick. At our Superbowl gig tonight, we sliced into one we smoked yesterday, and managed to eat or distribute about a pound and a half. That leaves me about that much left, still whole with casing. Thinking we'll slice that into a couple of smaller chunks and vac-pack those for future use, and do the same with the remaining whole chubs.

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Here's a sliced picture. My test fry was a bit salty but not inedible or unpleasant. I forgot to add the sugar and this is the first time I used cure. I used my normal 1.5% by weight salt.
Smoked with hickory (my favorite) local choke cherry and maple. I will taste it as soon as the toothpaste flavor passes this morning.
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Looks good from here


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It's a little salty but not bad.If you like garlic (we do) you'll love this.
Vampire killer.
I will cut it up and vacuum seal
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Nice Summer sausage! I love garlic. Keep up the good work!



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