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Catering Business Help

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Hi all,


So I've been thinking for a year or two about opening a "Side" catering business.  Don't have time for a full time company, just weekends etc.  Word of mouth type gigs, so no major capital expenses.  My question is does anyone know what kind of licenses or certifications are required for this type of business.  I would be focused on providing smoked meats and home made Sauces (at least to start) so the kitchen would mainly be my pit, and I would make and bottle sauces in my home kitchen.  


Any help or guidance would be appreciated.  I saw a couple other threads about rental kitchens and stuff for catering, but haven't found any threads regarding licensing or certifications.





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Oh, also wondering if anyone knows where to get a LARGE SIZE vacuum sealer, something with bags that will fit a full brisket or butt.

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