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going to langs

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Driving down to langs ,either next week or the week after. Gonna pick up my smoker and see if anybody that lives close to me might need one picked up. I live in Kentucky and could arange pick up for someone. If we can work out a deal it would save a lot on shipping for someone
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That's a great offer!! Unfortunately I'm not in the market yet but hopefully somebody will take you up on it. While you're down that way try and make time to head over to the coast. It's only a little over 50 miles from Nahunta and it's some of the prettiest country you'll ever see. Brunswick is great, and the islands are too. If you make it to Saint Simons, Southern Soul BBQ makes some of the best BBQ around and they use Langs, so you can see them in action.
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Ill make sure I do that. Never seen the ocean and looking foward to it. And ill definately try the bbq. Thanks for the great info
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Oh wow, that's awesome you're seeing the ocean for the first time!! Definitely check out the Coast Guard beach on Saint Simons and Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. The 2 islands are only 9 miles apart so it's easy to do in a day.
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I will do that ,and thanks for the great info
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Sorry if I'm going overboard, but that's one of my favorite places on Earth.

Coast Guard Beach, also called East Beach

Harrison Sapp working on a big Lang.

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And driftwood beach on Jekyll

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No not at all. Glad someone told what kind of stuff to look for down there. Been on the old web trying to figure out what to do. Where is that beach located at in the pics
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Gonna make this a little vacation and spend a couple of days down there
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East beach is basically at the intersection of East Beach Causeway and Ocean Blvd. on Saint Simons. Here it is on Google Maps
East Beach
St Simons Island, GA

Driftwood beach wouldn't show up on google, but just go to the fishing pier on Jekyll island and it's just to the East of it. Here's the fishing pier on Google
Jekyll Fishing Center
10 Clam Creek Rd, Jekyll Island, GA 31527
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Hey thanks for all the help. Gonna be leaving out next Thursday morning ,and am pretty excited about it. If u think of anymore places let me know.
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Ooh I just remembered there is a cool little dive in Brunswick called Willie's Wee-nee Wagon. Good hot dogs and they're famous for their pork chop sandwich. It's pretty good, but I guess I'm not a big pork chop sandwich fan. The place, however, is really neat. Been there forever and It has kind of a cool story.

Only pic I could find of it. My inlaws were in the front of the sign and don't like their picture being shared publicly, so I cropped them out. Can't remember the address but I think they have a website.
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Hey thanks again. Looks like I have a bunch of stuff to look at. Ill make sure I post some pics when I get back. Of course ill have to show off the new smoker.
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