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Pork butt...

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Decided to take a couple days off work so what better to do than fire up the smoker. Picked up a few butts last week on sale for $1.99 a lb. Doing one today. Rubbed and wrapped last night and just put on the smoker. And it's a beaitiful day here in Kansas.
Having some friends over tomorrow for my B Day so tomorrow i'll be smoking chicken and brats. Smoker and beer, the best way to spend a couple days off.
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Happy birthday and have a blast!
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Yeah, 'sale' price of 1.99....$2.29 here on 'sale' at Safeway.....crap, used to be 99 cents a pound....sighhhhhh. However, enjoy your special day and feeding the pals...should be a blast.....Willie

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