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1st fattie

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fattie and beans on for about two hours now.

temp is getting up there.
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Lookin good ! icon14.gif
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Thanks guys. I'm at about 160 now. Gonna push it up to about 168-170 just to be sure.
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How ya going to crisp the bacon?

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The bacon is actually looking crispier than I thought it would from the smoker. But I was planning on throwing it on the gas grill cause in grilling some chicken right now for next weeks lunch.
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I'd throw it on the grill now... it's kinda tough to get the underlying THICK CUT bacon done without drying the sausage out... see how it turns out... but next time you might want to go with the thin sliced bacon ...
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I'll keep that in mind. Thanks
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outta the smoker and off the gas grill.

first slice!!

all cut up and ready to eat!!
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smoked beans!
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The inside of the bacon was as predicted not crispy. I've had the same issue with my ABTs when I used regular (thin) bacon though. The only way to combat this is to precook the bacon a bit and I'm not sure I wanna do that....

The sausage had a pink hue to it and I was thinking it might not be done. But after 3 and 1/2 hours in the smoker I'm thinking it just had been tinted pink from the AMNPS hickory pellets??? Anybody wanna weigh in on this one?

I had the maverick probe shoved into the middle of the fattie figuring if the center (even though it's onions and shrooms and not meat) was reaching at least 165 the outer layers had to be done. Is this good thinking?

I borough it up to 170 degrees and probed it in three different places.

Tasted good, and at the end of the day I acquired a mustache straw for squishes! Not a bad Sunday.

Thanks for checking out my first fattie.
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I have got to say that is the most amateur looking fattie I have ever seen………….  LOL  Not really as a matter of fact it scares me since we are going heads up against each other in the Michigan  fattie showdown.   You did good Scott on that fattie and the beans look good too.  You had better keep trying though if you want to beat me. 

I think your sausage was done just not fried brown like you are used to seeing.  Many fatties I have done the meat was still pink when finished.



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Yeah I was sure the sausage was done but the color definitely made me look at it twice.

Thanks Stan. I'll practice a few more before the michigan showdown. I sure hope more people enter.
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