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Squirrel! Thats the most awesome moose I have ever seen! I have seen mosse before but thats a real moose's moose! My word, what a Moose!

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Very nice!! I hope you were close to the

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That is one FINE looking moose


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You'll have to build a HUGE frickin great room to mount that head...... LOL.... tell your bride its going over the bed....ROFLMAO..... Thats a good story, I was young and stupid..... I believed all that stuff I heard from the guys at the camp too.....

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Now that's what I call a trophy!!!

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Holy Wow! I am just finding this thread - a delicious catch! And that, is the largest moose I've seen!!! Beautiful! Cheers! - Leah

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BIG guy where is my piece of meat? I love to have some so I can show my wife how good moose are.

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just go out and shoot one, its easy, then the work begins. They make wonderful


l Moosestrami

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not where I live maybe deer

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Awesome Thatsa one bigga Moose. How did the Moosestrami turn out any pics????
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