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Party planning??

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I smoked 120lbs of meat for my daughters wedding and it all came out great, just had way to much food LOL !!


I am planning on doing a party for a friend who's daughter just graduated from nursing school and who's Son JUST return from Afganistan !!


they have about 60 people coming , I want to do Brisket ,ribs and pork butt,  how much of each should I get???


they also will have chicken on the grill, but I am not supplying that , I am just buying the meat.


Thanks for your help with this !!


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Brisket and Butt 1/4# per person..Ribs 2# per person. That is cooked amount. I always add at least 25% more to that number. Nothing wrong with leftoversbiggrin.gif

Remember to post a Qview.

Happy smoken.


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