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First Spare Ribs (Q-View)

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Hello Again,


Well I had such good luck with my pulled pork that I decided to try some spare ribs this past weekend.  Like my pulled pork, the ribs turned out amazing.  Just wanted to share my experience with everyone.


I started off with purchasing two racks of spare ribs, in one pack, from my local Hyvee.  I think the price was about $14.  I don't think they were the best quality ribs I could buy, but heck, they still tasted really good.  I planned on smoking the ribs for Sunday dinner.  So Saturday night I got started.  I got the ribs out of the pack and proceeded to remove the membrane, extra fat, and other misc parts.  Here is a pic of the ribs before I put on the rub.


The next step was the rub.  There were so many great ideas out there it was hard to choose which one I should do.  I ended up going with a pretty basic rub.  Technically I think it is a Kansas City rub.  Here is what I used.


1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup paprika

1 T black pepper

1 T salt

1 T chili powder

1 T garlic powder

1 T onion powder

1 t cayenne


And now for a pic with the rub.  I went pretty light with this rub, didn't want to overpower it.  I put a little on the bone side, but mostly put it on the meat side.


I then put the ribs in the fridge to let them sit overnight.  I wanted the ribs for dinner on Sunday so I wanted to start them at about noon.  I decided to try the 3-2-1 method since it seemed the best place to start.  I set my Lil Tex Elite to 225* and put the ribs on.


After about 2.5 hours at 225* I started to get my foiling juice ready.  For that I went with Chef JimmyJ's KC foiling juice recipe.


1T Pork Rub, yours

1/2 Stick Butter

1/2C Cane Syrup... Dark Corn Syrup...or Honey

1/4C Apple Cider...or Juice

1T Molasses

2T Vinegar

2T Mustard

1/4C Ketchup


After 3 hours I pulled the ribs out and foiled them.  Here is a pic after 3 hours.




Let them be in the foil for about 2 hours and pulled them off.  Opened them up and to my suprise they were really falling off the bone.  So I did my best to put them back on the smoker so I could put my sauce on.  I went with some Grandma Foster's BBQ sauce, which is my favorite store bought BBQ sauce right now.  I didn't leave them on very long since they were already done.  Took them off and plated them.  Here is a pic of the finished product.


As I said before these turned out amazing.  They were completely falling off the bone and pretty moist.  If anything they might have been a little over done, but nothing bad.  I'm still learning the temps of Lil Tex, but after a few smokes it is safe to say that it cooks 5*-10* higher in the chamber.  Just something I need to think about in the future.  I will probably do a 2.5-1.5-45min next time for ribs and see how that goes.  But for my first time smoking ribs I couldn't have asked for a better experience. 











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Looks like a TOTAL success for a 1st run at it!  super.gif      Good job!!!


The home boss wife.gif likes her ribs softer, no sauce. So  it is rare for me to get to do the grill.  GOtta keep the little lady happy.


Good luck, and Happy Independence Day!  usa.gif

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Nice job phil, I like the smoke ring on those ribs! The first time you use the 3-2-1 method it should give you a base line on what to do different next time. It looks like you are already planning ahead by going 2.5-1.5-.75 on you next smoke.


You were spot on about applying a light coat of rub on the bone side and more rub on the meat side.  If you want to really get some bark on those ribs, next time, take the ribs out of the fridge remove the plastic wrap and give them another coat of rub then while you get your smoker fired up and ready for the ribs.


When I did the 3-2-1 method, I never foiled the ribs to rest them. I just placed them on my serving platter and covered them with a tented piece of foil. for 20-25 minutes and then sectioned them.

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 Nice looking ribs! Great job!  Just have to play with the temps and time to get where you can do the same way every time and be what you want.



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Awesome looking ribs for your first time.....great job and you're already tweaking what you did for the next batch to be even better? to go. I hear ya on the rib quality issue....makes a big difference with the finished product. As a buddy once told me 'there's only so much you can polish a turd' I tend now to stick with Costco ribs....quality assured, meaty and pretty decent price for what you get. Enjoy future smokes.....Willie

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I must be stupid. What is the difference between baby back and spare ribs? I have only smoked the St Louis cut which I think are spare ribs. Some help for the dummy please.

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Different cuts from what I've read.  Spare ribs or St Louis style ribs are cut from the belly of the pig.  They are usually bigger, tougher, and meatier.


Baby back ribs are cut from the loin section.  Where pork chops come from.  They are smaller, less fatty, and more tender.

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Thanks Huskerphil,

I did a search after posting and saw that same answer.

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