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I am so sorry to hear this.


He made me feel welcome when I first came here.


Rest in peace my friend..



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I'm new here, he was early on to welcome me and then to host that great get together at Lake Skinner that I SO kick myself for not making as I had just returned from Australia.  RIP  Gary.

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really sorry to hear and read about this.

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OMG, I can't believe this. RIP Gary.

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I'm late as usual

Gary was the 1st to welcome me like everyone else pretty much, encouraged me to post, I missed his comments and will miss them in the future, I wish the best for his family...Not very good at this sorry and best wishes

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Gary was a real good guy. we will all miss him. RIP. and god bless his family.



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I'm surprised and saddened to hear the news. My heartfelt condolences to his family. His presence here will certainly be missed.

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OMG Am I Late to this. Was doing research and found one of Garys posts with RIP on it! Just read every post on here and still can't believe he's gone. As with many others, Gary was one of the first to welcome me. Strange thing though, all three of the first people to welcome me here are all gone......BeerBQ (Paul). Gary and RonP.

If Jeff is the Father of this site then Gary, was surely the big brother. He was always there to greet the new folks and always willing to help all who needed it (whether or not it had to do with smoking)! I spoke to him on the phone several times when BeerBQ was ill about doing some things for him(Paul) and his wife to aid in his recovery. Sadly, he never recovered. Gary was always one to think of others before himself. I don't know how he ever got time to smoke as he was always here helping!

My belated heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to Kathy and Lisa and all the Simmons Family!

Gary, may you find peace in the arms of our Lord!  Catch you on the flip side.

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OMG i was looking for him and i fond this i can't believe it RIP my friend .

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I'm sorry that I haven't logged in for so long and was so saddened to read this yesterday morning.  I've carried a sense of emptiness and sadness all weekend as if he were a family member which in a sense he certainly was.  Although, I never personally met Gary, just knowing him here on the forum it was so evident what a kind, beautiful and generous person he was.  Just reading back through so many of his post speaks for itself.  He was certainly one I looked up to here as one of the masters of our craft.


In his honor, I went and stoked up the smoker and smoked a couple of racks of wings yesterday and I can't help but think things went so smoothly because of him.  I attempted many pictures to capture the TBS, but it was so thin it wouldn't hardly even show up in the pictures. I will certainly always remember Gary especially each time I fire up the smoker.  Until we meet again brother! 


To Gary's family and his SMF family my deepest and most sincere heartfelt condolences. 



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