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Looking for a recipe - Sazisa

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I'm helping a friend buthcer a hog and am looking to make some sazisa Italian sausage but have not had a lot of luck finding a good recipe.  It is an italian sausage with fennel in it...any help of suggestions?  Thanks.

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I poked around some and found guess is you have misspelled it..


If not take a look around here and find something similar.. or here



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Cant find anything on sazisa Italian sausage. Is it a brand or a place where it originated... I have a great italian sausage recipe. if you ever had italian sausage at the fair this is a close replica....


4 tbsp kosher salt

2 cups ice water

3 tsp fennel seed

2 tsp coarse black pepper

1/2 tbsp turbinado sugar

10 lbs pork shoulder







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I used this recipe in my shop for twenty odd years


1 lb Pork shoulder
2.25 gm Chillies (red chilli flakes)
2 gm Black Pepper
1.5 gm Coriander
4.25 gm Salt
1.75 gm Sugar
0.5 gm Caraway ground
1.5 gm Fennel ground

Grind meat with course plate, mix spices in a bowl and dust over course ground meat. Mix by hand until spices are evenly mixed (two minuets at the most, do not over work). Regrind with a medium plate and stuff into 29/32 hog casings or equivalent.

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good find...I bet that is it...will give it a shot with a 5lb batch this weekend....need to make room in my freezer...have a side of beef, two turkeys and a 12 bone prime rib taking up all my a bunch of cookies and cakes from the christmas baking....Thanks.  Will let you know how it turns out provided I can get my grill dug out from the 15" of snow last week...

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Thanks, Flareside.  I will also be trying that one in a couple of weeks. It does look a little heavy on fat, so I might work that a little.  I usually add a little fat per butt anyway.


Good luck and good smoking.

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ifitsdeadsmokeit, don't forget to give us some q-veiw when you do these sausages. They do sound good!

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not enough time on my hands to make them yet...the pork has been sitting in the freezer waiting for a weekend free....but now the wife says I have to make a bed for my son...maybe I can take a few hour break to get it done while she thinks I'm working on the bed....woke up really early this past weekend just so I could get a corned beef ready for st pattys day...

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