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brisket ???

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SO I started a 3lb brisket about 4pm today.  Between the hours of 2110 and now 0030, it has raised a measly 4 degrees.  I know about the stall and I have heard that it can take a while.  I would have figured that a 3 lb brisket would not have a 3 hour stall.  Smoker has been kept between 220-235.  Have used 2 different digital and one analog thermometer and sitting at 160.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  BTW it did get to 140 in about 3.5 hours.



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Sometimes it happens. Just make sure your chamber temp is correct. You can always foil it to force it thru but I say wait it out.
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Well it must be done by now! 


How'd it turn out?

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give us some did it go?

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yes it is done but it did not get done until about 0400.  I just did not think that a 3 lb brisket would take 12 hours in the smoker.  Not sure how it turned out yet as I made it specifically for chili tonight.

sorry about the quality was taken from my iphone


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That's some good looking chili!

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I was wondering what that piture was of in facebook. It sure didn't look like a brisket to me. Now for your brisket you can take it out of the smoker. It's not gonna take anymore smoke flavor and finish it in the oven.

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Brisket chili ?!?!

Boy that sounds delicious 

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Here is the recipe that I used with the exception of a brisket for the chicken and I also added a red, yellow and green pepper.  I also omitted the beans.

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good lookin chili!
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Hay that was the funniest  post iv read on here..Feed the dark meat to your skinny thats good

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Sure it will be great...............biggrin.gif

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