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Ohio Group! 1st Official Meeting!

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Ok People, Lets Get This Started!!


I Thought since the only way we know each other is on the web we ought to make use of it to have our 1st official Ohio Group Meeting to start planning our gathering.


I think getting together in a chat room would work the best. If we set a time to meet once a month ( say 2nd sunday of every month at 9:00 pm) we can exchange ideas and information to make decissions about our gathering. Updates and final decissions can be posted in our group for all members to view when they have time.

Tonight will be our 1st meeting...I know  I know  ...awfully short notice. But you have to start somewhere, right?!?!


Tonight,Sunday November 13,2011  @ 9:00pm in the SMF chat room. If you do not know how to use the chat room PM me and I will help you...its easy!


Hope to see all you Buckeye members there if you can!


Thanks for your time!




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Way to go Mark -- glad you got the ball rolling!


I'll do my best to be here.  Any flexibility with the time?  8 works better for me.   But if 9 is it, I'll do all I can to be here.


Let's make it happen!

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I might as well,if you'll allow a former Texan?LOL    I'M in...

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Good Oldschool......I was hoping you'd join in the fun.

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8:00pm is good too....Just thought 9 would let people get kids in bedand tucked in.  8:00 pm it is.

And Stan you are certainly in on this...in fact your idea of the camp ground is what I like best. Are you talking about Eagle Lake??


Hope to chat at ya later!


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Hear-Ye Hear-Ye


the meeting is now in session!


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Well ...Low voter turnout!!!guess I'll have to try again



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Sorry, I missed this notice.  Try again next week?

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No Problem Smoke King...It was really Short notice...Next Sunday 11/20/11 8:00pm in the SMF chat room.

Looking for Ideas of when and where to have it.




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Sorry Mark!  No excuses....I fell asleep and missed it!  I will set my alarm for the next and make sure I'm there!!!

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Sunday night....8:00  Be there.....

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I'll try to stay awake :(  I gotta get up at 3:30)


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Originally Posted by dave54 View Post

I'll try to stay awake :(  I gotta get up at 3:30)


I feel your pain Dave.  I get up about 4:15 -- I seldom see much beyond 9:00 at night.  

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Another bump, hoping to get some more Ohio Members interested.  We are meeting here to chat Sunday evening at 8:00,  Come one, come all!

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Yes,Mark,I will check to see what he has as far as rules there,I know you can have Smokers and stuff and he has some"primitive ' camping spots, but he wants to sell you the wood to use...


There is another smaller camping area on SR300,across from the Park Ranger's station,cheaper and have Elect.and Water (I think there is a dump?), will check it all out and notify ya'll.


See ya 8pm Sun., Bye-bye....

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Still planning to be here at 8:00 tonight.  Who knows, maybe it will be after a Browns win!

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Just let me know when the next meeting is I will try to sit in.

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Several of us chatted Sunday evening and kicked around dates and a possible location for a get together this summer.  Looking at June 9after school is out).  SOB (Smoking Ohio Butcher, Mark), is checking on a site near where he and a couple other live -- up near the lake.  


Maybe we ought to plan another chat meeting for this Sunday.


Any takers?

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Yes, let's do a short meating next sunday, I'll not have the G-kids then and can concentratebiggrin.gif


So Sunday the 27th @ 8pm.yahoo.gifSee ya there...



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"Meating" -- I love it!


I'll be there!

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