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Instant Read Thermometer

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OK so I got mine in the mail today and her it is.Front Package.jpg This is the full view right out the box


Now for the Next PIC                           Overview.jpg Right out of the package.


                                                                 Features.jpgFeatures that it is able to do


                                                                 Package Info.jpg More good Info for ya.


                                                                 Serial #.jpg Serial Number.


                                                         Overview.jpg Closed and in the OFF position.


                                                         Size.jpg Quarter in pic for showing the size


                                                         Open.jpg Temp probe open and this turns it on.


                                                        LED.jpg LED is good and clear very easy to read. Temp outside today.


                                                        Top.jpg Top view with the controls.


                                                        Flir Co.jpg FLIR this is something that rings a bell. They make the see in the dark equipment that is used by professional law enforcement for seeing in the dark ( I think this is the same company )


                                                        212.jpg Right out of a cup of boiling water YES correct.


So IMOP I think this is a good find no it is not a THERMA PEN but heck you can buy almost 3 of these for the price of one if you are on a budget this may help.

Let me know if I can answer any questions you may have about this product.

See ya in the smoke.



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Very nice time to put in my order.

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sounds like a good find! like others have said, you might want a spare!


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For that kinda dough I'be wanting a very happy

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This is $39.00 not too bad.


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O yes and free shipping also. No tax.

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Those are both nice therms but I wouldnt pay that much myself, ya I'm cheap. I got one of these at a restaurant supply. It was about 20.00. You can get them at It's a Taylor 9878E.


Taylor 9878e.jpg

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I really think that if you have a good therm. is the key I know the one on my MES40 is off and it would not do good to use as to when to pull off you product.


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I've had this one for several years, and it still reads 212 in boiling water.  $10 icon_redface.gif



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Good looking therm. I personally have 3 of them from different companies. Glad you found one you like.

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The one I have is like Brians & it just broke last night. Heading out today to find a replacement.

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I got my Thermapen on sale for $79.00 with free shipping...





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Originally Posted by Beer-B-Q View Post

I got my Thermapen on sale for $79.00 with free shipping...





Where at Beer?

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Where at Beer?


I bought it last fall when Thermoworks had them on sale.  I think they are $89.00 now with $6.00 Shipping.

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thanks fife for the report!,


how quick was the read time? about a second, like advertised?

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Sorry to be late to this thread.  I guess I just missed it. 


What is the response time on that therm?  Mine is a cheapie that runs 8 to 10 sec. Not bad most of the time, really.


If that one is in the area of the thermapen, that is a good buy if it holds up under use.


Good luck and good smoking.

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