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Saturdays CSRs with Q-View

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 Picked up some decent looking CSRs at Dillons. Rubbed them lightly with McCormack Pork rub and smoked over apple at 230F. Somked two hours, then foiled with a bit of Dr. Pepper and back in the smoker for another hour. Unfoiled them for 45 minutes and then finishd with some Sweet Baby Rays and a quick sear on the grill.

 The foil duration was just right for me this time. the meat was more tender, but not fall off the bone.



CSRs fresh rubbed 11-13-2010.jpg


CSRs ready to serve 11-13-2010.jpg

sliced CSRs 11-13-2010.jpg

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Excellent CSRs!  I could handle a few of those.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Oh yeah---Looking real good!


No problem polishing off a few of them !




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I love a good CSR and those look great


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Nice smoke ring and very moist looking, ;)

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Those look perfect!  I'm going to make some ASAP!

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Wow those are nice
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 Man-Oh-Man....... those are great lookin CSR's   PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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I gotta agree with the general population. They really do look great!!!


I haven't had CSR's since way back when my mom made them at home when I was a kid. In the oven just don't cut it, even the ones she did on the grill were not good.

After seeing yours, I think I need to put them on the to do list.


Thanks for sharing.

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Great pics. CSR's look yummy!!

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Looks so so good.  Did any DP flavor get in there?  That sounds like a great idea.

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CSR's are on my list of things to make for supper this week. I love CSR's!

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i'm also interested in the dr pepper does it really add alot of flavor?

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I only used the Dr. Pepper because I discobered that I was out of apple juice. I am not really sure there was any "Pepper" flavor or not, but these CSRs were good.

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Fair enough, friend.  What a smoke ring.  Magazine cover shot!

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Now your ribs look awesome to me. You say you used some Dr. Pepper so did it add much flavor ??

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Look nice! Hard to find CSR's with the bone still! Those look great.

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wow that looks amazing

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