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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by wayneboian, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Had a Chaney Instruments Acurite Model 648SB thermometer and left it out in the rain. My fault (to much beer). Pitched the unit, Keep the probe and purchased a second unit. Second unit worked fine for a while then the probe failed and changed to my backup probe. After some more use the backup has failed. Problem appears to be where the end of the probe connects to the metal braided wire. I can't find replacement probes so I am looking for a new unit that I can use in my smoker.

    I have a Taylor - Weekend Worrior and really don't like it. The main reason is that the wire is not metal braided like on the Acurite and I am not sure how heat resistance it is. I usually insert the probe into the meat and run the wire to the outside of the smoker thru an air vent. That way I don't have to open the door to get a reading.
    The second reason I don't like this model of the Taylor is the programed settings. If I use the unit to monitor air temp on my grill it will not go much higher then 300 before the temp just reads high.

    I would be interested in hearing what you use or your recommendations. A dual probe unit might be nice or perhaps one with a remote display.

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    I have never heard of that Taylor brand. But everyone around here sure speaks very highly of the Maverick brand. Their alittle pricey ( 40.00) but their most be worth it bacause all the good folks swear by them. I just got a walmart brand one ( 16.00) and it works just fine. I have tested it and it's pretty true to the temp. So it's up to you but I will tell you if I can fine a maverick that I can pick up I will I just have to order and I don't do the waiting thing very well.
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    I've been through my fair share of probes and base units with either silicone or wire cords, and must admit that the Maverick brand is pretty reliable. I bought the ET-72 which has a remote unit and a wire cord with one probe. Most of the smokers here have the ET-73 which has two probes.

    Besides being a reliable unit, their customer service have received many rave reviews from users on the site. If there are any problems with your Maverick, give them a call and they'll do what's necessary to make it right.
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    Thanks for sharing the link, Mike. I bought my ET-72 for $34.99. Adding $5 for the 2nd probe is a pretty good deal!
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    I use 2 ET-73's with good results, and have also ordered new probes from them directly with no issues. untill someone shows me a better one I'm sticking with Maverick.
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    I have a Maverick ET-73 and have been very happy with it with the exception of the really short leads on the included probes. I ordered a pair of replacement probes with 6 foot cables and they are much more convenient for the offset. The short leads are no big deal on the drum but they are kind of a pain on the SnP.[​IMG]

    I also have 2 Taylor 1470 thermos and are very happy with them as well. They have the rubber coating on the probe cable but I've only had to replace one probe in the year and a half or so that I have been using them.

    You can get the 1470 and the replacement probes here

    Hope this helps.

  8. Thanks guys for all the advise. I went by WalMart today to see what they had and did not find what I was looking for. Thanks for the post on where to order online, I will do so and order some extra probes. That was good advise as well.
    Now all I have to do is wait...... I hate waiting.
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    Well I use a Nu 701 with 2 Nu 751 extra transmitter. These are Made by Nu Temp by Pal Products. They have a base unit where you can run 3 remotes. I use 1 remote for monitoring my heat and 2 for my meat. Here is the web site.

    Only problems I have had was when I left them out in the rain and my probes got wet, I like sitting in my big fat puffy chair and know whats going on in smoker. It has alarms you can set for temps and there not pre set a some thermometers are.
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