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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by fire393, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. fire393

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    heres the freezer i have in mind....[​IMG]

    would an amazin smoker work better then the smoke daddy on this type of situation for the smoke generation??? 

    were can a guy get ahold of some high temp food grade caulk/ silicone?

    I have 2 stove top elements to use with controls for heat.

    how much does placement of the air intake and exhaust matter.  (thinking of intake on lower rear of the freezer, and exhaust on the right rear corner on top or top/side, so it doesnt make it too tall and hard to transport.

    It is lined with white aluminum the way it looks, foam in the middle, does the foam have to be removed?  I will be smoking less than temps of 180. 
  2. flyboytr

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  3. fire393

    fire393 Fire Starter

    thanks, thats were i will get it from!
  4. mneeley490

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    Make sure you know what the insulation is made out of. See the "Blown in foam" thread.
  5. flyboytr

    flyboytr Fire Starter

    I agree...  Some of that foam stuff is bad.  I am....puzzled as to why all of his smoking will be less than 180 degrees.
  6. fire393

    fire393 Fire Starter

    i have other smokers ( 2 MES) for higher temp cooking.  this one will be for snack sticks , sausage, and cheese.  no need to get over 200 degrees
  7. flyboytr

    flyboytr Fire Starter

    Great!  Nice to have that versitility and the ability to switch between smokers!
  8. fire393

    fire393 Fire Starter

    any more input would be great!!
  9. iamaxxer

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    The debate on what to use for a smoke generator is strong and divided..... I use a Smoke Daddy with no problems, I have a 3 inch vent with no other air in take and it works great.....
  10. daveomak

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    The MES smokers have the exhaust in the right-rear-top of the smoking chamber. There is a hot spot in the right-rear side of the chamber.

    If you put the exhaust on the side, you can extend the exhaust stack into the "near center" and "maybe" alleviate the "hot zone" problem. Just a guess ??????

    As far as the smoke gen goes........your unit is tall enough to create a good draft and I think the AMNPS would be the way to go. No elec. needed, ~12 hr smokes, uses chips or pellets, no moving parts, pretty much idiot proof. Not saying you are an idiot, just light and kind of tool. 

  11. fire393

    fire393 Fire Starter

    thanks dave,great input

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