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  1. [​IMG][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Get Ready To Grill![/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Take 10 % off your next purchase with Coupon Code: e1114 at checkout.[/font] [font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]The grill is uncovered and cleaned up, everything is in working order and the tank (or tanks) is filled. Only thing left is to make sure you have the right seasonings and rubs to make sure everything tastes great.[/font] [font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Lysander Meat Rubs[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]A.C. Leggs Rubs and Marinades[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Louisiana Fish Fry[/font] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]12 different all-natural rubs for beef, pork, chicken, fish or veggies. [/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Many different rubs and marinades! Each bag will season up to 25 lbs. of meat! These are perfect for any commercial use or parties.[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Fishing season is here and we have a pretty good selection of coatings and seasonings for most types of seafood.[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Pride of Szeged[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Savu Poultry Bags[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]New Book by Chris Gay[/font][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Always a gilling favorite! We also have this available in larger sizes.[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]This is the end - for now of the Savu Smoker Bag. Inventory is low on this item. The company has moved back to Finland. If we can find a U.S. supplier, we will try to bring them back.[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Congratulations on your new book! Click on the picture to go to Chris' Website for more information or to purchase. Coupon code does Not apply to this item.[/font][font=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica,sans-serif]Coupon Code: e1114 for 10% off your next purchase from Columbia Spice Imports. Please Pass this on![/font]
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