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  1. I ordered a WSM 22.5 from amazon last week. I recieved it thursday evening and immediately went to work setting it up and seasoning it. I needed it ready to smoke some turkeys on Friday and then a brisket on Saturday. I know there are two schools of thought on wether or not you need to season one, but i didn't want to chance it running hot on me. Friday morning when I got up I figured i would check if it was still retaining any heat, which it was [​IMG]. Then i noticed two things...the thermometer in the top was absolutely full of moisture (to the point where it's hard to read), and the knob on the fuel door was really loose. When i opened the fuel door to inspect the knob it fell out. The insert that the bolt goes into came out of the knob. My question is how do i get the knob and thermometer replaced?
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the dome thermometer as I have found mine to read on the low side anyway and instead upgrade to a reliable wireless food/smoker probed thermometer like the Maverick ET-732. You can get them for a very reasonable price from Tjohnson's website and hes even doing free shipping right now.

    And If you are really diggin your wsm, while your at it I would highly recommend you get yourself an amazen smoker and start smoking some cheese on your new wsm as well [​IMG].

    I just upgraded from the Et-73 last week and decided to buy the amazen smoker while I was at it and really regret not doing it sooner. the et-732 is a huge upgrade over the et-73 in range alone plus they fixed some of the old quirks people weren't too fond of.

    As far as the nut that got lost goes you can try digging in the ashes to find it but but it might be easier to just call weber and let them know your situation along with the fogged dome thermometer and have them ship you out a new ones or if you cannot wait a trip to your local hardware store should resolve the nut problem at the very least!

    good luck!
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