wrap or not?

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Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio
I have done 2 butts so far and wrapped them both at about 145 and they turned out great but I would get one with some good bark on it. Seems like wrapping softens the outside, I love the tough chunks from the outside meat. So if I dont wrap it at all with it get too dry? I have read where some people dont wrap at all, do you spritz with juice more often?
I have yet to wrap a butt. I usually don't even move it once it's on the grill. I do spritz with a mix of apple juice, grenadine, and a touch of rum. I also tend to spritz my mouth a lot with that same mix. I spritz about every 45 min to an hour, when I check the temps, and charcoal level.

I get great bark. Just wrap in foil when you take it off the grill (@200-205F), wrap in towels, and throw it in a cooler. Leave it there for at least an hour. There is usually about a 1/3 to 1/2 cup of juice in the foil at the end. I just throw the juice back on the pork once I pull it. I left two butts in the cooler wrapped for 2 1/2 hours once, and the stuff was too hot to touch bare hand when it came out.

Twister, one of the reasons for wrapping the butts in foil is to speed up the cooking process. Sometimes when I do butt's I won't wrap them (usually cuz I got busy doing something else and forgot
or lazy or out of foil
) If you don't wrap you butts, you smoke time will be increased but the benefit of this is a nicer bark. Just my $.02.
The steam created from wrapping tends to soften the bark and anything else within the foil, that's why it helps the cooking process. I use to wrap ribs in Saran wrap and then cover them with foil, the Saran wrap would steam the meat, and the foil would prevent the clear wrap from burning. I would then remove the clear wrap and finish them off totally unwrapped. But that was some time ago, when I was not using wood, just gas.
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