Wrap in a Pan?

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Jul 10, 2021
Hello SMF,
I'm smoking baby back ribs for a family party at my sister's house on Sunday, using an off set smoker that I have never cooked on. The grill size is 15 3/4" X 27 3/4". I want to cook 4 racks, but 3 will do.
1- I normally don't cut racks into smaller portions, but I can do that make 4 racks fit. Is this a suitable idea?
2- Because of limited grill space, Can I put all the ribs in one large pan, 19" X 11" for the wrap phase? I have never done this either. My guess is I would need a lot of liquid in the bottom.

My normal wrap is to wrap each separately with squeeze butter, honey, tiger sauce and a little apple juice. I do not think I can fit 3 racks, individually wrapped on the grill.

I have seen a rib stacker in which the ribs lay on their side versus laying flat. This would solve the 4 racks on a small grill problem.

Any and all ideas are appreciated
I have several types of rib stackers, they all get the job done when I'm stuffing too many racks in my smoker.
Pan and foil is the same as foil alone IMHO.
I don't like to do the whole cook in an uncovered pan because I want all the meat exposed to the smoke.
I would just go to Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart etc. and pick up a Weber rib rack for ~$15
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