Why is Franklin BBQ in austin so good?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by waytoodeep03, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. michief

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    Salt lick is very good but IMHO way overrated, it is the tourist BBQ place, the Kayz deli of Texas if you will. It is also roasted on a commercial system and tossed onto the front direct heat system for an hour or two after to pick up some smoke. That said it is very good food and I go to their Driftwood location several times a year. There are a number of Central Texas places that are better however.
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  2. backwoods bbq

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    I agree with mischief, and there mustard base sauce is nothing to write home about. All in all it is decent for Austin the silver lining is that its a ways out of Austin towards wine country so you can take your woman wine tasting before or after yall go "Q tasting"
  3. waytoodeep03

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    Lol @ the wall of text.

    Thanks for the information. So now that I know that its the cut of his meat that is drawing in people. How would this cut(Black angus prime) compare to a well marbled wagyu brisket from srf or strube?
  4. michief

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    Don't kid yourself into thinking it is the cut of brisket, unless you have mastered brisket to a very high level you're probably going to waste your money. Aaron could cook far lower quality cuts and it would be damn near as good. In fact he had a problem at one point and had to go to choice cuts for a period because of availability and nothing seemed to change, it was still amazing.
  5. backwoods bbq

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    I agree with mischief. It's all about how you trim it. If you trim to much it gets dry if you don't trim enough you have fat left over which is unappealable and customers complain you are selling them fat and not beef.
  6. yes, i agree its all about how you prep it, and your technique and experience thats going to determine the outcome. you can get a strube, or any wagyu for that matter and not know anything about it and ruin it the same as you would a choice, select or prime cut. i guarantee any cut of meat will turn to leather if you dont know what youre doing...lol.
  7. michief

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    Should have discussed your question too. The Black Angus choice is what I try and get a hold of when my local stores have it at a decent price. Prime would be great but I don't know if you would notice a difference between them.
  8. backwoods bbq

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    IMEO, there is no difference in black angus choice and prime beef. Then again, I also realize that black angus beef is NOT the best tasting beef. Black Angus was advertised easily by the USDA to boost sales and get a prime price for a cut of beef. There are a few genetically crossed cows that will make black angus taste like pork in comparison. (Ask any rancher, or steer hand.) I have never bought wagyu or smoked it for that matter but I would bet my families land that I can make choice taste just as good!
  9. backwoods bbq

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    Easily was meant to be heavily
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    Duly noted brother! I'll bring a 50 when I go! :sausage:
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    I personally think simple is better.  You get all these wannabe BBQ joints coming up with all sorts of concoctions to slather on the Q and you end up tasting the sauce, mop, rub or whatever they overload it with instead of the beef.  A good brisket doesn't need more than some salt and pepper to be fantastic. 

    Best Brisket I ever had was at Slick's BBQ in Muscogee, Ok back in the 80's.  He was an old Black man that converted a rundown house beside the road to BBQ joint and served it on wax paper and those tacky rattan paper plate holders.  The old guy had tour buses detour miles out of the way to eat there!
  12. backwoods bbq

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    Yep radio. Salt and pepper is the Texan way to go (also the best way to go) if done right s&p will have people begging for more!
  13. chef jimmyj

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    Arron Franklin has great technique, a ton of experience getting it done and uses great meat...BUT...Like Paula Dean, heard lots of people say the food is not very good, the Neely's BBQ Restaurants Bobby Flay's restaurants, Emeril's Restaurants and countless others that have been on DDD, A LOT of success comes from TV exposure! Various forums talk about pitmasters that has been on BBQ Pitmasters having seen a major increase in business from the exposure. Flanklin's has been on several different shows on Foodnetwork, Travel Channel and the Cooking Channel. That much exposure changes your business from locals to national and sometimes international customers. There are people that set there vacation travel plans around hitting DDD restaurants and well known BBQ Joints. I wish Mr. Franklin and all the others continued success. If I ever have another restaurant I will post a sign..." If you are not Happy tell ME! If you love the food tell FOODNETWORK, Travel Channel, The Cooking Channel and GUY FIERRI! "...[​IMG]...JJ
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    Aaron is the nicest person too.
  15. Interesting Aaron Franklin tidbit...he is married to my Uncle's granddaughter.  And I have STILL never met him, not eaten at his place! 

    LOL......although one of these days, I will!!!
  16. I think it's supply and demand. There's a shortage of supply which increases demand. He runs out so people learn to come early and stand in line. When he runs out he turns people away creating more demand. Marketing plays a significant role. Exposure on TV and on the cover of TX Monthly is key.
  17. madjack

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    When did/where did he make a statement as to meat grade? Tex Monthly?
  18. madjack

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    Just wondering myself what grade he uses. One would
    Think Prime Angus.
    Did he state this somewhere?
  19. Franklin uses upper choice, if he can get it. I read that online and emailed him once before and he told me the same thing.

    See the link below and scroll to the bottom. The pyrimd is what franklin replied with to my email inquiry.

  20. On his videp he did for a local PBS show you can see the brisket pack showing CHOICE it was a super show all video and a wonderful serie  s he did.


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