Why do things go tail up. Just wanted to cut the grass!

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Good looking mower Steve. All of my trimming tools are now battery. I'm surprised how well they are working. I've got a Kolbalt 80V chain saw that I'm sure the manufacture never expected to last through what I have done (Oh the stories as well as the amount of trees & limbs cut) and it's still going strong 5 years in. Good luck with the new mower.
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Now my old John Deere 430 is leaking fuel at the pump. This thing is ready for assisted living. JD nuts adore them. No idea why. Maybe it was great before I bought it. Now it's and end-of-life product. Essential parts are no longer available new.

Looked at new zero-turns, but I am not willing to spring for new diesel, and I hate gas engines.

I found out diesel zero-turns don't hold their value. Bad for people who buy new ones. Great for me. Right now I'm trying to snap up a 2018 Kubota diesel with 571 hours for half the price of a new one.
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