which smoker

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Nov 12, 2022
Hello all... i posted this on another site within this group and then i saw this section. Newbie here.... looking forward to many fun facts! My question is... i'm in the market for a new offset smoker. My budget is about 800.00. I saw 2 that interested me. The first one is the chae griller grand champion xd. It has fairly thick steel 7/64.. and comes with alot of the upgrades already installed. It weighs 253lbs, so its fairly heavy. The other one is the old country Wrangler offset. It has 1/8" steel and is totally welded at all the joints. The chargriller is larger than the wrangler and the fire box has to be bolted to the cook chamber. I dont mind this because i can add hi temp silicone as im assembling it. Does any one out there have either of these units? Ive watched tons of videos on you tube and the char griller has slightly more positive reviews. The main negative with the wrangler was bad welds. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much!
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I've looked at both brands.
I don't like any Char Griller and Old Country is slightly above.
If I was shopping for an offset, New Horizon would be my first look.
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