Where to buy charcoal shaker basket locally?

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Mar 4, 2011
Hiya there!! I've been a long time lurker/reader and first timer post(er)! Just recently bought my Chargriller Smoker pro. Done all the mods BUT the charcoal basket. I looked at lowes for the basket, but they dont have em no more? Home depot as well? Any one know where I could PROBABLY a shaker basket locally short of making one? I have leftover mesh from my cooking grates build, but its not enough to make a basket. So..I'd like the shaker basket. Any help? I live in KC Mo area...

I bought my at Lowes. Its actually a cooking basket and I cut off the handle. I bent the side down so it would rest on the rails inside my fire box. Cant remember exaclty what is was called. It was black, nice and deep with holes all in the sides/bottom. Like I said, it was a grill wok or something.

ALSO, they have pre cute expanded metal in sheets. Like a 12x24..12x12... or something. I have seen giuys in here cut and bend the sides and tie it tigether with wire. Makes a great basket becasue of the larger holes for ash to escape.
I bought mine at Lowes:


Remove handle, cut off the loops at the ends.  Cut  2 (7/16 in) rolled steel rods (not galvanized) to 14 3/8 in lengths and push them through the mesh at the far upper right and upper left of the basket.  Be sure to measure the grill rails in your unit.  This sits more securely in place than using bolts, and you can shake the ashes out without bending anything.

Good luck and good smoking.
I spent the better half of the morning calling EVERY ONE EVERY WHERE...even a pro bbq shop. They all know what I was talking about, but dont sell it.

So I said screw it. I'll make my own (keep in mind, I aint much of a fabricator). I had left over expanded mesh steel from when I bought a big sized one for my cooking grates in main chamber. I had only 20x20 so I did the best I could. Cut 6 inches or 6 snips and then folded em up just like one of the other guys did on here. Turned out it was too big, so I hadda undo it all and cut 2 more snips and refold it. Used my vise grips and used sledgehammer to beat it into oblivion, but it's done and looks just like ya'lls. Now...for the rolled steel...I decided I didnt wanna do that. I had a lot of 1/2 inch iron left over, so I cut them to size for the lips on the offset. Slid through the basket and now it hangs just fine.

Basket turned out to 15 wide , 13 long, by 4 inch deep. Looks good. Will post a picture of it tomorrow. Now my arms are too beat to do any thing.
Here's the one I bought online.

Well good luck, if you can't get it built it looks like the one Porked bought is pretty good.
Here's my Q'view of my grill that I worked so much on it. Just have to add grate level therms. Flipped charcoal tray over. Added dry hose...replaced cooking grates, did charcoal box.




WOW. I can remember back when mine was new llike that. Ohh he memories. I use mine now for straight charcoal and I use the WSM 22.5 for the smoking. Works out great. You can NOT beat cooking on charcoal/lump. IMHO
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