Where is it? WHEREISIT!!

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I feel your pain friend ... hang in there ... it will come ... I hope!

Waiting is one of the worst things to endure in life .......
Wise man once said "Patience, Grasshopper!!"
I'm going to start with what I've been the most successful with....ribs. I haven't brined anything yet, or smoked any poultry, even though I'm achin' to smoke a turducken if I could only get me a quacker. I'm still in SMF school for that area.
LOVE this site by the way........it's such an encouraging place and the "old hands" that teach are terrific for doing so. The "new hands" that twist recipes and try different things are just as valueable!
First night's unfortunately a dry run, want to season it and get the factory oil out. I wonder if I burn wood in it for seasoning? Wouldn't hurt I guess.
KW -

My instructions said to do everything like I was going to smoke meat just don't add the meat for at least an hour or until I didn't smell anything. Wood, water propane ... good time to check the themostat to see what kind of control you have, time your wood o see the differences in larger pieces etc.

Hang in there buddy I know it's hard but you can do it!

yes, run it for half hour at 100 with the damper full open (after you have cleaned the water pan and the shelves) this will burn off any of the oils left especially on the burner itself. Then let her rip at 225 for 4 or so hours with chips to season......
IS IT HERE YET....iS IT HERE YET??????????????????????????????????????????????I know the pain of waiting BELIEVE me when I say that.I'll be waiting for the porn.
It's Christmas morning here in Key West, boys.......it's here. UPS guy KNEW I was waiting for it (he's a neighbor) and was teasing me. I told him that bought him the bump spot on the rib list. I'm unpacking, exploring, etc and will fire it up soon. It looks just like a little Home Depot stainless fridge, doesn't hurt the view at all.
Congratulations Keywesmoke....I am sure you will be impressed with the MES in the next few weeks

The learning curve will come easily, even if you stumble once or twice, and good Q will come forth for you.

If any of the MES clan can help just shout out
I've got her fired up and she's smoking on her own (oil, paint, etc). I searched what I could throw in and I have a few fatties and some beef ribs, so in they'll go later on, when the oil burns off.
gotta coupla fatties and some beef ribs going on. I'm feeding it more chips after 40 minutes. The temp is going up and down, but within 25F. At one point I thought the house was on fire with the huge white smoke, but I opened the door and it settled down. I'd much rather use chunks. We've just got to get to know each other.....that's all.
If you two are getting to know each other, maybe she'll spring for the drinks Key!!
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