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Where do I get some wood for a stick burner?

Discussion in 'New York Members Group' started by buffalobbqpete, May 24, 2017.

  1. HI! I'm out in Cheektowaga and am looking at a trailer mounted Meadow Creek TS120. I'm just not sure where abouts to get fuel for it... I like to use hickory and apple on my UDS. But as for actual logs, split or not, I'm not sure. Can any of you guide me?


  2. SNeal5966

    SNeal5966 Fire Starter

    I am living in Williamsville NY myself....near you! I know this post is really old but you never know when someone else will read it wondering the same thing.

    I get Hickory from a guy in East Aurora that also removes the bark, but it is a little more money. I buy a half face cord at a time since I have a pickup truck. If I had the space I would buy 2 or 3 face cords at a time for delivery and better pricing. The splits are smaller though too, so you are actually getting a more dense packed face cord, so really you are getting a little more wood for the same dimensions. Not having to remove bark is great in my opinion.

    Also there is a guy in Clarence NY that sells it. He has Hickory, Oak, Cherry, Maple, apple, and possibly some others, I have purchased from his as well. He will let you buy anything from 1 arm full up to multiple face cords, and offers delivery if you buy 2 face cords or more. He has regular mixed hardwoods too if you want firewood for heating your house. He is less expensive but the bark is left on.

    Here is the guy in Clarence ad on craigslist:

    And the guy in East Aurora:

    I have purchased from both of these guys without issue. For me the extra cost of the de-barked Hickory is worth it but may not be to everyone. That guy doesn't have the other kinds though so if you are looking for something than Hickory I recommend the guy in Clarence.

    Good luck to you!
  3. bluewhisper

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    Somewhere in the Mark Twain literature he talks about river steamboats buying wood from sellers along the banks, and he said they were really good at stacking cords of wood with gaps that you could pass a dog through.