When it rains it poors

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by lee forst, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. I mean that figuratively and literally. Today I planned to do my first meatloaf on my smoker. I got it all mixed up, got some ABTs ready and I was also going to smoke some corn on the cob. I went outside to my electric smoker, turn it on, set the time and temp. When it had climbed up to 200, I decided to put the loaf on. About that time my nice sunny day started to get dark and windy. Here comes the rain. I went back in side and about an hour I decided to go back outside to check on the smoker. I look at the temp and what do I see…. 97 degrees!!!! WTF! Needless to say, this is not good. So I fiddle with it for a few minutes. The little light says it is heating, but I’ll be darn if it is because I can put my hand on the element. Now what?[​IMG]

    Well, I transfer the loaf over to my grill. So, it is there and the ABTs are going there as well and the corn eventually. I hope it turns out okay. Just wasn’t my day to do some smoking I guess! Looks like I now have an excuse for that new smoker I have had my eye on!
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    Sorry to hear about your luck, Lee. My heart goes out to ya! [​IMG]

    At least you're not giving up hope and putting the stuff on a grill to get that "non-oven-cooked" taste. What better time to have smoker failure than right at the beginning of a beautiful summer of smoking! Great timing! [​IMG]
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    Nice save, put it on the grill away from the heat, heck, even put in a foil pouch with some woodchips! It's all good! [​IMG]
    Electric smokers and rain don't work to good!
  4. Well, things are going well. Here is what stuff looks like as I put the corn on. Those ABTs are just about ready. I need a beer and an ABT!!
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    Bummer! Course yall know fathers day is a comin quick, what else would dad wan't fer that special day besides a new smoker!
  6. Actually, Dad asked for a electric slicer for F-Day. But a new smoker would work just fine.

    Here is the pic of the final product. Not bad for doing all of this on the grill. I suppose the grill was happy it got the lime light today rather than the smoker! (note, more than half the ABTs are gone. Wonder why?)
  7. Yes, weather in arkansas wasn't pretty today ... but same story last Saturday, too. I moved my two smokers to the garage, and left door open. Worked fine.
    Where there's a will, there's a way. I about have the wife talked into a covered patio area.
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    Perseverance is the key. Good save man. Nice meal you have there.[​IMG]

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