When do you buy your wood?

Discussion in 'New England Members Group' started by jbk90, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. My once large stack of hickory wood is all but gone and has got me wondering when the best time to buy wood for the following year is. Does anyone have advice on when the buy their wood and what they do with it during the winter months?

    Also, recently moved to Maine and was wondering if anybody has a good source of hickory/other hardwoods.
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    Hickory is generally unavailable as a cooking wood unless you buy bags of chunks from the hardware store or WalMart.

    How much do you think you will need? 

    FYI the northern red oak up here takes about 3 years to season properly for BBQ use.

    I prefer to use red maple for chunks in the Weber or as splits for the CharGriller because it dries more quickly than other available smoking woods. About 2-3 months for chunks and 8-9 months for splits.

    I seldom buy BBQ wood because Maine is about 85% forest and someone is always cutting. Spread the word among your neighbors and coworkers that you are looking for BBQ wood and maybe they can hook you up.
  3. I will probably go through between a quarter to a half chord in a year. Was able to get some shag hickory for this year from a local wood processing operation but have moved since then. I will try asking around and calling some of the local processing operations to see what they may have.

    Does the wood season at all through the winter months? My gut is telling me no since the moisture in the wood freezes/evaporates more slowly.
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    I hope nobody minds I just crashed your group:

    Here in PA should be similar to Maine, and the Humidity is low in Winter, and water can evaporate while frozen.

    Ever notice how your ice cubes get smaller sitting in your freezer too long?

    Not much water will leave a hunk of wood when the ambient air is at 90° Humidity.

    Wood likes all the seasons when seasoning, including Winter.

    Just my 2 cents,

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    I'm down in MA but I just look for dead fall after "snow out" in March. What I gather I process and season for the next year. I usually find lots of Hickory, Oak, Maple and Birch. I simply ask the land owner if I can have his dead fall. They almost always say Yes. I take my chainsaw out of the truck, section it and haul it away. After the big ice storm I scored big! Had wood for years.
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    I'd be careful of chainsaw oil on your smoking wood, especially if you are going to use the Dust & chips from the Chainsaw.
    It would actually be better if you drain your Bar Oil & replace it with Cooking Oil.
    I know some of my Chainsaw Carving buddies do that if they cut on State Land.

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    Good point Bear. I usually bring home the cuts and take about 6" off each end with a hand saw. I burn the 6" chunks in the firepit. I never use the dust or chips to cook.
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    Excellent !!


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