What's your occupation?

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  1. I currently work as an Electrical Engineer/Maintenance Superintendant for an energy company. I also teach National Electrical Code classes and Electrical safety for industrial electricians. Teaching is what I really like to do.
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  2. I am in sales...my customer is Home Depot.
  3. bigr314

    bigr314 Meat Mopper

    I own a wholesale bread bakery.
  4. I am a nurse in ICU. Have been nursing for 22 years now, would love to start a BBQ joint, but wife says NO. So we just do contests and a few private parties.
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  5. dmcdermott

    dmcdermott Newbie

    I'M retired from a nj police department.
  6. Domestic   Engineer          [​IMG]
  7. I've been in the retail automotive business for 33 years. Currently a Sales Manager at Maita Nissan in Sacramento, Ca.
  8. tidesmoker

    tidesmoker Newbie

    I sell playground equipment. We design, install, and provide playground areas. I was a teacher/coach, but recently swapped over to sales. Loving it!
  9. erics

    erics Newbie

    Active duty Navy. Just over 21 years. Planning at least another three years then retire. Then I'll have to grow up and find a new job.
  10. havman

    havman Newbie

    :welcome1: I was in the beer business for 40 years. Started at the bottom and ended as salesmanager in the middle of the Midwest Nebraska.. Great fun business. Meet a lot of great people and enjoyed the relationships. Now have six days of Saturday and then comes Sunday.
    Works for me.
  11. Lawyer, Family Court mostly.  I do a lot of work representing kids in Family Court and Supreme Court.
  12. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

    Materials Manager with a large food manufacturing company.
  13. woodsey32

    woodsey32 Newbie

    Deputy Sheriff in rural Idaho. Only been on for 9 months, but was hired right out of college.
  14. hopmeister

    hopmeister Fire Starter

    Retired Trauma Nurse Here....
  15. Navy physician
  16. Licensed funeral director/embalmer for 25 years. Also, a retired firefighter with 20 plus years for our local town.
  17. delfuegosr

    delfuegosr Newbie

    Most recently Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline Controller... I have worked various positions within the Petroleum Industry for the last 27 years.
  18. I retired from law enforcement and now I locate underground utilities, natural gas and CATV.

  19. ffshu

    ffshu Newbie

    Hey everyone.  I'm a fire fighter in the City of Williamsburg, VA.
  20. I am a subcontractor. I own 10 wheel dumptrucks. We execute various tasks for San Diego Gas & Electric. Mostly underground conversions.  Been doin this for about 13 years. 

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