Whats your favorite BBQ sauce?

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  1. Or do you have your own secret recipe? We like Sweet Baby Rays. We went to Bass Pro the other day and picked up a bottle of Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce it was surprisingly good. We tried it on some smoked sausage. I'm tempted to try it on a rack of ribs. It's not overpowering, but you can taste the Dr. Pepper flavor.
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    If I'm doing store bought I usually grab Famous Dave's Devils Spit. I also have a recipe I found in here somewhere that I make and add some smoked jalapenos to after I run them through the food processor.
  3. kathrynn

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    See if you can find some Wicker's....Kroger's usually carries it.
  4. I have to say, I like mine better than any sauce I've ever tried. I have a Miami sauce & spice across the street from my business. They said my sauce is better than anything they sell. It hits with a little vinegar, then the sweet comes in followed by some heat. Ok I'm going out back & cooking something, it's your fault for bringing up sauce. LOL.
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    Ok , you have me intrigued now , would you share that recipe? I am a big fan of the vinegar based sauces on pork. Thanks , :grilling_smilie:
  6. Kings BBQ sauce for pulled pork.  I have only found it in their restaurant down just south of Richmond.  If I am going for a little more sugar, which I sometimes like as a side for ribs, my go-to is Sweet Baby Rays.  It is minimal on the spices and that complements my normal rub without either conflicting or over-powering.
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  7. My personal favorite is the Killer bbq sauce made by Pigsfoot.  They sell it online or at their competitions.  Someday I hope to come up with my own recipe.

  8. caseyp

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    So far I like mine best. It's based off or Jeff's recipe but I changed it up a little to make it mine. My family likes my sauce too, we don't buy sauce anymore.

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  10. oldschoolbbq

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    I personally do  not use a Sauce. The flavor of the meat is what I want , having said that , I do have a recipe , I found long ago , for those less discriminating people that have to have something on everything (or when visiting someone  to be courteous).       A Condiment  is all it is to me.[​IMG]  

    Have fun and as always...
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    [​IMG].......anything more than SPOG is not happening here..

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    I think most folks here will say that the sauce they like best is there own. And really, you can't beat home-made BBQ sauce.

    I fall into that camp, too, and my friends who've tried it have been pushing me hard to market it commercially. But there's a million sauces out there competing for space on the store shelves. I don't think it'd be worth it, so I'll just continue to make it for friends and family.
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  13. stickyfingers

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    For me Cattleman's Classic! There's just something about it! Perfect balance. Sweet baby Ray's is too molasses for me.
  14.       Off the shelf, Rasta Joe's                         [​IMG]
  15. well i myself am stil on the prowl for the sauce of my liking.

    i find the sweet baby rays and others to sweet.

    maybe i have somthing against sweet or sugars.

    but the more natual burst of flavor i can get the better.

    like beef, base is beef broth or a auju base . but i must be to picky

    being a novice judge im not sure ill be good to compete.

    after tasting some of these i find my pallet is not into the

    whole sweet part of the game.

    if you have a non sweet one i would love to try it or make it to try

    thanks guys and gals
  16. jsbguin

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    I like Big Bob Gibson regular BBQ sauce and their white sauce (it's North Alabama thing). Someone recently gave me Chris Lilly's cookbook with many of their recipes in it including recipes for both sauces. 
  17. old sarge

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    Sue Bee Honey BBQ sauce. Used to make our own with honey and Open Pit. 
  18. tolarius

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    I have to go with Sweet Ray's but when I make a custom sauce, I actually try to mix it up with different store brands and add a few spices of my only.  Also about 100 percent of time, I add some cherry bourbon for a quick hit.
  19. smker

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    Sweet baby Ray's for shure
  20. smker

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    at times i do the same and mix what i have on hand,  im not shy at all when it comes to mixing BBQ sauce or other spices,  only bad thing is if you get a really good mix,  you cant make it again onless you kept really good notes on whats been used

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