What size to cut large branches to

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Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
I am getting ready for my double barrel smoker in the making by doing some tree trimming today. We have a huge oak that is right next to deck and right over my smoker. Today I cut down two dead braches. The first one is about 6" think at the start and is about 15' long and end at about 2". the 2nd one I cut down is about 10" thick all the way down and about 6' long. I ran out of gas for the chain saw so I did not have them cut up yet. What I am wondering if I have a wood burning smoker what size should I cut these down to? I am not sure if I should cut them in about 6-8" sections and into 1/4's or if that is to small or to large.

The nice part is that with the cut off I have 2 5 gal buckets filled with 1/4" to about 1" think peices about 6" long that will fit into my chimney to get the fire started. I just have to clean of the bark a litte more. I think when dry I should have about a good 50-75lbs of oak for smoking all together.

Thanks for any help on this.


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Dec 31, 2005
Irving, TX
Cut 'em to what ever size you want as long as they will fit in your firebox... I also don't woory about removing the bark... As long as the wood is well seasoned, the bark ain't gonna be a problem...


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