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What kind of wood is this and can I smoke with it


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Joined Aug 11, 2013
I got a couple pieces of this and was wondering what it is and if I smoke with it.


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i recommend you cut on a table saw, or with a band saw and smell the sawdust. That might give you some clues as each wood has a distinct smell from the sap.

one eyed jack

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I was thinking Oak, for a while, too, but the grain is mighty straight for Oak. I'm thinking it's possibly Ash. Coloration is right for Ash.

Looks like nice wood, to me.

Don't want to say, for sure, not having it in my hands, but I don't see any reason not to smoke with it.


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Joined Aug 11, 2013
I appreciate the help. I thought it was oak at first to. But it has a strong sent and pretty stringing when splitting. I was thinking maybe ash as well

one eyed jack

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I'm curious now. Let us know what you learn about it. If you have a decent cabinet shop, or other woodworking shop close by, it might be worth a visit. If you have access to a jointer, or even a good hand plane, it would make ID'ing easier. (To have a good picture of a smooth surface).


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It is Oak. I can 't tell if it's red or white though. One of the pictures looks like Red Oak and the other looks like White Oak.

Make sure it's dry enough and smoke away.

eta - After looking again I'm going to say it's Red Oak.

Big Glenn

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cut off a 8" long or so small piece with the grain running the full length. stick one end in water and blow one the other end. If it bubbles it is white oak not red.
Looks like red oak to me.


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Are you sure its not treated lumber?
If it's untreated and un-stained/painted and is oak you should be good.

If its treated or been painted/stained or anything don't get yourself sick with chemicals haha.

Best of luck!


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My first thought was oak and looking at the piece on the ground in the second pic I was thinking red oak but an not real sure.
I would burn a little of it in a fire pit or on some dirt in an open area and see how it smells and what kind of smoke it creates.
Let us know what you find it is

buckshot billy

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Looks a lot like red oak, though I can sort of see rays/fleck in the quarter sawn piece in the bottom picture, which would indicate white. I cook with red quite frequently and find it a nice mild flavour.
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