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  1. richoso1

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    I happened to look at smoking meat web sites on our site and found ("Crazy hoty teens doing rxealy...)
    Hoe does one report this, it's a little different than a regular posting or so it seems.
  2. monty

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    Thanks for bringing this up, Richoso1.

    If you see an article posted with a questionable title click on the article, scroll below the article and you will see a red lopsided triangle in a box with some other icons. It is titled, "Article Complaint". Click on the triangle to report this to the moderator staff.

    I check that area several times daily and find a lot of spam of all types. Since the section is not really visited all that much many spammers get extra airtime due to the crap not being reported.

    I have given the royal boot to the spammer and his article!

    Thanks again!

  3. deejaydebi

    deejaydebi Smoking Guru

    Thanks guys!

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