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  1. Hi. I thought I would try a rump roast first, but that is like going to the head of the class. I have preseasoned the Masterbuilt electric smoker already, and now I am ready to smoke eomething. Question is. What first?? I have hickery chips, an:droold that's all. What ould you suggest I smoke first?? Thanks. Al
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    Cook something easy.
    Baby back , ribs , a short cook , & easy to do.
    If you want to start with a long cook a butt is very forgiving.
  3. The Wife bought a 5lb rump. I do have the meat probe. My only concern is hpw much smoking should I do??
  4. I did a 3.5 beef bottom roast about three weeks ago in my Masterbuilt electric that we really liked. I added chips four times. Roast took about 4 hours to reach 130 degrees with the smoker temp set at 225 degrees.
  5. Rump roast would be good. Only smoke it to about 135 - 145 depending on how done you like it. 140 and a 30 minute rest should give you a nice medium-rare. Great for sammies.
  6. Thanks. It will help having the meat probe built in. I will soak my chips over night.
    What I know is to coat the roast in olive oil. Make a few slits in the fat cap wbout 1" thick. Insert half clves of garlic. Put about 1 tablespoon of sea salt over the meat, and black pepper. Pre heat to the 225. Then put the probe in the thickest part of the roast.
    Now I am not sure what rack to put it on? , or should I take out racks not in use??
  7. I put it on the rack that is the easiest to reach and take out the others. I don't soak my chips. I think I get a better smoke out of my Masterbuilt electric using dry chips.
  8. I tried that, and they caught on fire.
  9. Beer can chicken! I'm totally new to smoking and tried 2 BCC's last weekend and despite all the issues I had with a new smoker , etc the yard bird was the best, most tender and juicy bird I have ever ate, 6 others agreed. Definetly good for the ego, made me feel like a pro.
    Be glad to tell you how I did it if interested but I does require brinning the bird overnight so if you decide to go with chicken let me know soon if you are smoking tomorrow. Good luck. Love this website...
  10. Still going to do the rump. On Sunday. Not sure how long it will take. I have the little remote that is good for about 100', so I can go and work on the car, and still check the internal temp. Though i will probably be sitting there looking at it the whole time.

    Can I also do vegtables in there as well?? How long would I smoke potatoes, and carrots and such in the smoker at say 225??
  12. Thanks.. Will do.. Al
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    Just a word of advice. The built in probe for the MES is known to be inaccurate. mine varies from 25 degrees at lower temps to 15 degrees at upper temps.

     I would not rely on just this  thermo for your smoke. Also the cooking temps vary from what the read out says . some high ,some low .but most of them read higher than actual cooking temps. i have had my MES for years and enjoy smoking w/ it .You just have to get a good thermo ,check calibration and it will tell you how far off your MES reads.
  14. Thanks. I didn't know that. I do have another remote. Never heard of the brand before though. Redi-Chek. My Brother bought it for me years ago. I'll plug that in as well. I don't want to keep opening the door to check the temp. I also soaked my chips over night. How many scoops of chips should I put in durring the cooking time?? I don't want to over do it though. I thought maybe two times. it will take some time for those chips to go because they are so wet.
  15. I would wait until you see smoke coming out of the vent before putting the meat in. Two scoops would add smoke flavor. I do four. It's better to under smoke than to over smoke. Over smoking can make the meat bitter.
  16. So 3 scoops would give me some good flavor. Should I go in at 250?? I will also add the first scoop when it gets to the 250. When the smoke starts comming out I will open the door stick in two probes ( incase one is off ) Maybe they both are off some.. About how long does it take for a scoop of chips to burn away?? I have the roast. I will put on the olive oil, and insert the garlic tomorrow morning, and when the above does it's job then put it in. I will then pull it out when the ( probes ) say between 135 and 140. Then take out the roast. Wrap in foil and let it sit for 30 minutes.. Then hopfully eat..
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    Westgate, [​IMG]  to the SMF and the best BBQ info. in the world... Now having said that, I really feel you should do some Chickens first and get acquainted with your new friend by seasoning her with an easy fix. Chicken is cheap and in our economy we need to save what we can. Doing an expensive piece of meat . Start off with cheap and learn your Smoker and then as skills increase , go for the bigger things.

    I suggest you get a good Therm.(Maverick - 732) and track your temps. with them; the factory therms. are usually way off and will ruin your meal.

    Do things like our Fatties , ABT's , Chicken , wings , or anything that is cheap.[​IMG]  We would rather you have a good experience than to fail and give up[​IMG]

    Next , read through the 5-day course and some of the WIKI's.Then get a nice day and enjoy your new toy.

    Others may have already advised you of this , but we want to see a good outcome.

    Have fun on your journey and...
  19. Vent open, or closed??Oh, and do I have to spray the meat with anything while it is smoking?? One last thing.. Do I put water in that pan that is in there?? Thanks

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