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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
S.E. Idaho
Hey all, reverse smoking some NY Strips and ribeyes for Fathers Day tomorrow!

Question?!? In your opinion, season a few minutes before cooking, season a couple hours before cooking or season and let set overnight before cooking??

Just curious on your opinion!?!

Thanks All!
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IMO its right before. I want there to be a spice crust on it but want the beef flavor to still be present. When you season early I find that the spices can tend to take over.

Happy Fathers Day and we look forward to the QView.
In my opinion try all three ways... season one tonight and the other two ways in the morning, then let us know which way you like best! :emoji_blush:
That way you get 3 steaks! Lol! Just kidding bud! We have done overnight and shortly before and I like both, so I'm not much help.
Have a happy Father's day bud!

I'm part of the Dry Brine crowd for Beef. 1 hour before cooking , Steaks get seasoned with Salt, Pepper and MSG. The meat rests then is blotted dry with paper towel to get a good Sear. When nearly done, I season to taste with Montreal Steak Seasoning and the steaks get plated.
Pork and Poultry gets a Flavorful Rub applied in a similar manner, instead of just S & P, MSG...JJ
I do like Mike , at least 4 hours ( in the fridge ) , or overnight . If you don't have the time , right before is great too .

My opinion is if you season and let it sit , it needs to be long enough that the moisture drawn out by the salt gets reabsorbed .

Right before works great because it doesn't have time to pull the moisture out .
If the moisture is drawn to the surface and thrown on the grill , you lose it .
I season right before, i don't want or need moisture removed before I cook it. I also dont see the need for multiple rubs ect with salt being added. Wonder why folks marinate food? Flavor moisture or all of the above? Salt can help get crispy chicken skin but uncovered with air flow over it will also, decisions decisions lol no way is right or wrong just different paths
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I salt and pepper a few hours before, sometimes as early as the morning of but I never do the night before. After seasoning I leave them uncovered in the fridge.

There are many ways to skin that cat and I’m sure whichever you choose will yield delicious results!
Actually just remembered the best steak I ever had was a t- bone steak seasoned lightly with only Lawrys seasoning salt, right before being put on the grill. My buddy grilled it to a perfect medium rare, we picked it up and ate it like finger food with juices running down our chins!
I think the biggest difference is it was slightly aged and not so much the seasoning.

I’ve done all three, for 1 inch and less usually just before to get that spice sear at 1.5 inch thick a couple of hours to overnight wrapped in tight in plastic. A overnight dry brined 1.5-2inch Prime NY is heaven! Ps I only do salt and then do all the other spices right before!
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