Weston 2300 Not Sealing

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Feb 25, 2022
Hi, have a workhorse 2300 that just stop sealing after a solid 10:years of use. The vacuum part of the sealing process works fine, but the bags won’t seal. I examined the element, which looks fine. i went ahead and replaced it, but still no sealing function. Any ideas on what component may have failed?
Any ideas on what component may have failed?
I say the first thing is to decide if it's a leak down or not heating the sealing bar .
Like Charlie said is it a different bag ? What mil bags do you have ?
I have an Inkbird that won't seal the heavier mil bags .

I'm not familiar with that sealer , but had the same trouble with a Game saver deluxe .
After the vacuum is drawn , there is a valve that should close to keep the suction in the bag , then the bar is heated to seal it shut .
If you got moisture or a spec of something on the seat of that valve it will leak down before it seals .
I looked at the Weston exploded parts diagram. Could be the transformer, circuit board (expensive) or the limiter switch (possibly).
Good luck figuring it out.
I bought a LEM chamber vacuum sealer from Costco last year and haven't used my 2300 since then. But am keeping the 2300 for wider items.
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Hello and thanks for all the helpful information. I am using the food saver bags.

Smooth side: 3mils thick
Textured side: 11.5mils thick

i picked up a Foodsaver 5200 to take care of the remaining meat left over when the 2300:quit working. I wasn’t impressed. Looks so fragile and the suction is not as good as the 2300. I noticed the Costco chamber sealer and I am giving that some consideration.

In the mean time I will tinker with the 2300. I will not be surprised if it is the circuit board, but hope not😀.
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