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The extent of the damage looks like it could have been a very serious thing. Sure hope no unforseen injury down the road.
Wow, glad you’re ok! Prayers for a fast recovery….feel like I have to justify my “Like”….it wasnt for the crash, it was that everyone is ok!
Serious crash.
You are still posting and wife thinks you are crazy? This is not Facecrap. We actually give a (****) care about your condition.
God speed on recovery
OH NOOOO... If anything positive is that nobody was seriously injured...

I believe once air bags are deployed insurance companies like to total the vehicle ...
Thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes. We are lucky but really sore today. My wife got x-rays and ct yesterday and no internal problems. Looks like USAA is going to total the car. They are paying our medical bills for the next 2 years. USAA also gave us a rental for the next 30 days (we got a soccer mom van) ha

Again thank you all.
Glad the two of you are ok. Hope the you both get to feeling better soon. That looks like a rough hit. No surprise on the total, I'm in the dealer parts business and those airbag parts with all the crash sensors add up fast.
Good to here you came out of it with only minor injuries.. I see a lot of totals come through my shop ...and a lot of not so good outcomes..... The car did exactly what it was suposed to do.. Crumple up around the passengers and keep you safe... ..
I hear a lot of folks tell me when they come in for estimates/ repairs..."they dont make them like they used to".... To which I reply.... "Your right they dont! And I'm glad because if they did there's a good chance we wouldnt be having this conversation right now"

Sounds like USAA got you taken care of quickly. Ive always had good experiences working with them.
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