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  1. I can't remember which forum thread I originally posted to asking what smoker I should get to meet my needs. The overwhelming response was the Weber smokey mountain. I would like to thank everyone who responded because I absolutely LOVE it! In February I ordered the 18.5". It came late in the afternoon the day before I was flying to Tucson, Az. to visit family and get away from the cold here in Springfield, MO. Of course like a child on Christmas morning I had to take it out and play with it! The night before I left I set it up in the back yard. The temperature was 20 degrees, there was snow on the ground and the wind was howling! The wind chill was in the single digits but that didn't seem to matter with my new Weber. I put 2 racks of ribs on the lower rack, since I don't have a rib rack I just stood them on end and put a skewer through the ends. On the top rack I put a pork tenderloin roast and a few uncooked frozen chicken wings that didn't get cooked on super bowl sunday. Even with the wind I was able to control the temp. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new Weber! Thank You!!!

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    I've had my WSM for a month now. Already smoked. 4 Chickens, 3 Racks Ribs, 4 Ducks and 2 Brisketts. The best money ever spent. I agree holdng temp is super simple and everything has turned out about perfect and I'm a novice.
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    I did a smoke a couple of months back and I got everything going and my wife gave me a honey do list like you wouldn't believe!!! I was smoking some kind of poultry and had it going at 280*.

    Well two and a half hours later I get home worried about what the temps are gonna be!!! I run up to the smoker its cruising along at 279*!!!! 😎
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    Welcome to the dark side! [​IMG]

    Having had my 22.5" WSM for many many happy years I can tell you, you all made a great choice! Once you get comfortable enough it's so nice to be able to put briskets and pork butts on at midnight, go to bed for six hours, then check it, and let it go till the meats done. If you build an enclosure or something you can smoke in the dead of winter almost as easily as middle of summer. I wrap mine in a welding blanket and can run at 250° in 25-28° windy weather with only one vent open for 18+ hours.

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