want to build a smomer out lf a old refrigerator

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Mar 5, 2014
Hello everyone I am completely new to this whole thing so im gonna have a million questions. I have a old refrigerator and want to convert it into a smoker. My problem is I know absolutely nothing about smoking. I have zero idea on how or what is needed to do it or how it is actually done. For the sake of argument lets all act like im 10 years old and it will go much smoother lol.

my question list is long. So I will start with this.

What do I really need to make a smoker?
Can I make one without using a hot plate? What I mean is can I hot smoke with just wood coals and chips or wlll this not get hot enough.

is a smoke box a better idea for a refrigerator bud since I could keep the big door closed and in therory keep more heat in.

im really looking for an almost step by step guide from start tl finish on building one of these and have yet to find that on this site. Im using my phone so it is hard to navigate. If there is a thread that will help id love a link to it.

I know this is out there and more in depth than people might be willing to invest in. I just have to try before I start doing it on my own so I don5t mess it up to bad. Any ways any and all advice would be so helpful and appreciated. Thank you all for yohr time and advice.

Welcome aboard!   You wont find a better place than here for examples of whats possible with that fridge.

You could make any kind of smoker you want however the type and size of fridge may also dictate limitations or what would be more user friendly. If you have some pics to show that could really get the smoke flowing with advise/info around here.
So I just went out to the old cannery to pick up the fridge I wanted to build my smoker out of. Only problem it is stuck in about 3 feet of ice tried to pull it out with rope rope broke. Then tried a steal cable and it would not budge. Got to wait for a month or two for it to thaw out. Good news though they have about 25 or 30 diffrent fridges and chest freezers so I picked up a different one to start with. Figuerd I would make my first one out of this fridge so I had a better understanding and idea for the one I really want to make. I will get pics and show you guys im gonna start the tear down here this evening or tomorrow so im getting excited now. Just a heads up this is going to be a completely free build I have no store to run to and no money to ship things in so I will be building it with pieces and scraps I find and scrounge up but I will definitely take lots of pic of the progress and show my steps.
Ok here is some pictures I just started tearing it down but im done for the night it is now 23 degrees outside and thats just too cold to be messing around in.
I really want to build one, Would love to see some pics of yours... thanks.
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