Wagyu Brisket!

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Apr 29, 2009
Well...after smoking a USDA Prime last week, decided to have a go with the Imperial Wagyu.

It was smoked 8 hours at 255 degrees. The wrap was done at 165, and it was pulled at 203. Then rested in a chest cooler 4 hours. Pecan & Cherry was used for the smoke. With B&B Briquettes for the heat. All on a Happy-Cooker-Kettle (Weber clone).

It was very good, with great smoke flavor, and very tender.
It was very good, maybe better than most BBQ joints I have been in!
The shocking thing is how easy it is to do long, low temp smokes on a Weber. It is almost set it, and forget it. Rock steady temps for over 8 hours. With minimal adjustments on the air flow dampers.
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That looks like a plateful of happiness right there! Great job!

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I am a "sauce guy", meaning BBQ sauce is always used. But not this time. The brisket stands on it's own, no sauce required (or wanted)!

But here is my favorite part...the BBQ Beans! We always place a pan of beans under any meat that is smoking. Leave it there for 5 to 6 hours. Try it sometime, you will be rewarded with the best beans you have ever had!
Nicely done. Looks like a great meal.

Point for sure
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Making it look easy. Darn good looking cook.

It’s the kettle that makes it easy! With B&B charcoal for the snake, this will burn for 12 or 14 hours. With very little baby-sitting of the fire required.
Once the kettle comes up to the desired temp of 250, it’s a simple matter of closing down two of the three bottom vents, and leaving the vent in the lid wide open.
The smoke coming out was always light blue in color, never dirty thick white smoke. I have a nice Texas offset firebox smoker. This requires constant attention to keep the temps just right.
The Weber is so easy in comparison! So the credit goes to the kettle!
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